Aerated Compost Tea Brewers

Green Pro Solutions manufactures the famous Dirt Simple™ Brewer designed by Earth Fortifications in consultation with Dr. Elaine Ingham, founder of Soil Foodweb, Inc. It is hands-down the winner over all competitors in ease of use, consistent high quality of compost tea, and low up front cost. In particular, the top-of–the-line air blower puts out a much higher volume of air, creating greater turbulence to shake the microbes off of the compost. Competing units are weak in this important requirement.

Owners of other brewers complain of the labor cost to maintain and clean brewers. Not so with the Dirt Simple Brewer. The simple, cone-shaped tank has no hard to reach corners. There is no plumbing inside the tank to disassemble, clean, and re-assemble. The air hose is designed to keep compost tea out of the air blower, even if the electricity goes off.

Nothing beats compost tea for placing both volume and diversity of live microbes back into the soil. It really is “Dirt Simple” and built with extra heavy-duty components for many years of dependable service. Included with the purchase of a brewer:

  1. Complete Operating Instructions
  2. Recipes and Food Resource list
  3. 10% off your first order of compost and/or food amendments if used within 3 months of brewer purchase

For more information on products needed to make compost tea, visit Nature’

It looks simple enough for people to build their own brewer. But why bother? Our volume purchasing power and large customer base enables us to build the units for you for what it would cost you just to buy the high quality components. Plus, with comprehensive operating instructions, proven brewing recipes, the testing expertise of Soil Foodweb, Inc. and toll-free phone support, choosing the Dirt Simple™ Aerated Compost Tea Brewer is the simplest thing of all!

Dirt Simple™ Brewers are available in a wide range of sizes and prices:


It is called Dirt Simple™ because it is:

  1. Extremely easy to use
  2. Extremely easy to clean
  3. Has few parts
  4. Uses a very powerful air blower
  5. Is very competitively priced
  6. Makes great compost tea

To learn more about application equipment for Compost Tea, CLICK HERE.