Pumptec Electric Spray Pumps and Sprayers

Strong, Silent (& Green) Spray Pump Alternative

Pumptec builds durable, reliable, re-build-able electric pumps that out-perform the competition and last for years. And they are very quiet.
These are not throw-away, spray on demand light-weights. These are serious, heavy duty units that have been tested for years in challenging conditions like car washes, engineered to be easy and inexpensive to maintain, and provide many years of service.

1. Sizes range up to 6gpm and up to 500psi.

These plunger pumps circulate liquid continuously. They can be linked together in series for greater pressure and volume.

  1. Buy just a Pump or a Pump with Control Unit and Strainer Replace a noisy gas engine
    You can replace an existing pump and motor and retain all of the pre-existing equipment. Or you can add a pump with regulator and strainer that can be attached directly to a tank and hose reel.
  2. Spray Trees, Turf and Make Soil Injections
    Pumptec electric pumps can handle trees up to 40’ high and make quick work of turf applications. Great for boom or boomless sprayers for Gator-type units, ATV’s, Zero-turns, etc.

4. Monitor your power use

The Power Management System lets you choose your power source from a vehicle battery, a battery attached to the Pumptec unit itself, or power up from both batteries.

  1. Add any size tank to a Spraying System
    A Spray System includes everything except the tank. Choose from 3/8 or 1/2” hose and manual or electric rewind reel. Includes Pump, Power Management System, Regulator and Line Strainer.
  1. Buy a complete sprayer system, or add an additional pump to an existing system.
    Spray units can be attached to a tank of any size. Or you can buy just the pump and regulator to replace an existing pump, or add an additional pump to an existing spray system. Or buy a complete spray system including the tank.
  2. Green – Green – Green
    Low maintenance electric sprayers require no oil changes, no gas, emit no fumes and are very quiet. You and your clients will like the peace and quiet.

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