Titan II Spray System

Like it’s larger brother, the Titan II boasts many of the same advanced features and performance characteristics, including durability, flexibility, and profitability.  The heavy-duty aluminum body is even the same size, so storage options are just as robust.

There are a couple of differences, however.  Primarily, the Titan II cannot carry as much weight, so the maximum is 800 gallons.  The tanks can be configured in many different ways.  Two hose reels are standard.  A third hose reel is optional.

PTO-driven pumps are not typically an option for the Titan II, but there are many engine and motor combinations, including both gas and diesel.  And most of the other options that are available with the titan are also available with the Titan II.

As with all Green Pro Spray equipment, we are happy to customize your rig based on your company’s needs.

Titan II Spray Truck System
(Standard Features Example)

Capacity: 750G
Chassis: Gross Vehicle Weight: 19,500-23,000
Reels, GPS Design: (1) 1/2″, up to 400′, (1) 5/8″, 300′
Pumps: Delta 140 / 22 HP Vanguard – 35gpm and 700psi, Delta 75 / 13 HP Vanguard – 20gpm and 560psi, 12G gas tank supplies both engines. Other pump / engine combinations are available.
Nurse Tank Transfer Pump – 45gpm
Tanks: 400G – Nurse & Application, 250G – Application, 110G – Application, Cone – 55G Mix & Application (additional 15G shown)
Performance: Delta 140 – Up to 75′ high trees, Delta 75 – Up to 50′
Link System: Both pumps can utilize all application tanks when Link is open.
Dual Applications? Yes.

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