“Cube” IBC Multi-Purpose Sprayer

Build it Your Way 

Variety of pump and engine combinations for turf, trees & shrubs or agriculture. Electric or gas powered. Top of the line components and custom aluminum fabrication. Multiple gun options to meet your needs with spray patterns up to 50’ high.

  • 275G or 330G IBC tank or source your own
  • Udor 20gpm, 560psi diaphragm pump (shown)
  • Vanguard 14 HP electric start w/20 A, charging requires no additional electrical source (not shown)
  • Group 24 Deep Cycle Marine Battery
  • Hannay Electric Rewind Reel w/ roller bars
  • 300′ Premium Kuri-tec Spray Hose
  • Self-contained, Full Drain
  • Small footprint – 48″ x 44″

Pump Options:

  • Zeta 85, 22gpm, 300psi – $6995
  • Delta 75, 20gpm, 560psi – $7995

Download The “Cube” IBC Multi-Purpose Sprayer Sale Sheet