I really need to be careful using words like “Biggest Ever.” But by every metric, the moniker fits.

More vendors.  More square feet of trade show space.  More attendees.  Over 6000 people visited TCI Expo 2023 in St Louis, the largest attendance ever.

Everything was Big.  For instance, right across from our Green Pro booth was the German company Sennebogen.  They build massive grapple and chainsaw combinations that can take down entire trees with just a dozen cuts or so.  It can totally clear two acres of woodland in an hour.  The price is only $885,000.

That was parked next to Albach Diamant 2000 tree processor that turns entire 44” diameter trees into a tractor trailer load of wood chips in a matter of minutes.  A measly 1.25 million dollars. Check out the action videos in this email.

Gary here . . .

Our Green Pro team was competing pretty favorably against these giants when you really pause to consider.  We build very productive spray equipment and provide other PHC products and services that help plants not only survive, but thrive.  For decades, companies using our equipment, products and services generate much more income over time than once and done tree eliminator operations. 

And our equipment costs peanuts in comparison to these monsters.  The return on investment of Green Pro equipment is very high. For instance, many clients report that our Njekt soil ejector can pay for itself the first day you use it.  That’s a phenomenal ROI, better than the monster tree eliminators.

Njekt Soil Injection System

Perhaps best of all, our equipment is made for normal, everyday tree care companies. You understand the long-term financial benefits of investing in affordable, high quality, highly productive equipment that will stand the test of time It will pay for itself many times over.

So, what was new at the Green Pro Booth?

Great Stuff! But it will have to wait till next week.