Titan I Spray System

Since the Titan spray truck was created over a dozen years ago, it has benefited from continuous and often dramatic improvements. Based on feedback from technicians who use it every day, Green Pro has designed a spray system like no other – easier for the spray tech, more flexible, more productive and more profitable. Many Titan features are Green Pro exclusives, from tank cradles, to hose reels, to electrical charging and monitoring systems, to PTO controllers, to transfer pumps, to our famous fork fittings for easy maintenance and winterization. The Titan is your garage, everything locked and secure. It is also a rolling billboard, always promoting your company and giving it a professional appearance.

  • Multiple configurations are available: tree, turf or combo units.
  • Sizes range from 12′ to 20′ bodies and up to 1000G or more.
  • Pumps are driven by Vanguard engines or PTO systems that are totally controlled in the spray compartment, not the cab.
  • Manifold systems are well designed, easy to learn, easy to use, and are extremely flexible and productive.
  • Electrical Systems are easy to use, easy to trouble shoot, and eliminate problems typical of 12V systems.
  • Njekt Soil Injection Systems can be installed to increase the efficiency, flexibility and profitability of your Titan.
  • Huge amount of storage – enough for anything you need.

Titan I Spray Truck System
(Standard Feature Example)

Capacity: 950G
Chassis: Gross Vehicle Weight 25,995 (under CDL)
Reels, GPS Design: (1) 3/4″, 300′, (2) 1/2″, up to 400′
Tanks: 500G – Nurse & Application, 250G – Application, 200G – Application, Cone – 55G Mix & Application
Pumps: Gamma 242 PTO – 60gpm and 700psi, Delta 75 / 13 HP Vanguard – 20gpm and 560psi, 12G gas tank with electronic pump. Other pump / engine combinations are available.
Nurse Tank Transfer Pump – 45gpm
Performance: Gamma 242 – Up to 100′ high using John Bean 785, Gun and High Volume Upgrade, Delta 75 – Up to 50
Link System: Both pumps can utilize all application tanks when Link is open.
Dual Applications? Yes.
Eduction and Turbo Systems Available: Works only with Gamma 242

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