Personal Hygiene Products

Green Pro Solutions is committed to supporting companies in many ways, like supporting their valued employees and customers as well as the company’s bottom line. Our line of Personal Hygiene Products is one more demonstration of that.

Nobody wants to talk about it

One of our clients brought this issue of bathroom access to our attention. Although designing toilets in not a core function of Green Pro Solutions, we are a solutions company. It seemed logical that we should tackle this thorny problem and everyone seems pleased with the results.

Mobile Toilet Systems

Our Sprinter has the necessary structures to support the Privy Solutions removable toilet system already installed. It just takes seconds to attach the removable seat and collection bag. Insert the single-use hygienic, disposable collection bag, finish your business (including toilet paper and anti-microbial wipes), then seal and dispose of the industrial quality bag. Store the toilet seat in an out of the way area. Simple, sanitary, discreet, and very fast. A much lower cost than driving to find a bathroom. Plus, it shows that you truly recognize and are willing to meet the basic needs of your employees. Systems available for chip trucks and manyother applications.

Other Personal Hygiene Products

Options include the unisex single use, disposable urine bag or the pop-up job johnny. There is also the pop-up Porta-Quick Utility System that has all of the essentials including a heavy duty “bucket” that stores the soft seat and all of the supplies. See the reverse side for more items and pricing.

Removeable Bracket Mount Toilet
Green Pro is pleased to introduce a comprehensive toilet system designed for many different installations, including Green Pro spray trucks. Simply remove the seat from the optional storage compartment, attach it securely to the seat frame (pictured left and installed on every new Sprinter), and position the triple barrier locking bag, suitable for both liquids and solids. Once finished, securely lock and remove the disposable bag, then return the seat to the storage area. Each seat comes with 10 Disposa-John bags. (Item BR500)

Universal Toilet Seat Frames
Wall mount and floor mount designs for inside chip boxes
and other possible locations. Add the toilet seat (shown) and a magnetic
curtain(Bin Door Buddy below). Each seat comes with 10Disposa-John bags. (Item BR500)

Bin Door Buddy Privacy Curtain Magnets fasten a privacy curtain to any steel surface. (Item 30301)

Brief Relief Bag – Unisex
Designed with a female in mind. Individually packaged liquid waste bags with anti-microbial wipe.
Case of 50 (Item BR608)
Case of 100 (Item BR608)
Case of 250 (Item NSP608 – Not individually wrapped.)

Disposa-John Portable Restroom – Unisex
Triple barrier bag for liquids and solids. Includes toilet paper and anti-microbial wipes. (Item BR500)

Commode Utility Kit
Specially design bucket carries all of the supplies and foam seat. Includes (10) BR500 disposable multipurpose bags. (Item CE510)

Grey Privacy Shelter
Complete personal privacy shelter is flame resistant, (meeting CPAI-84 standards), water repellent and non-conductive. Includes anchor stakes, tie-down rope, interlocking zippers, and carrying case. 4′ x 4′ x 6.5’ Easy up – Easy down. Shown with CE510 inside. (Item PQ500)