St Louis was the location.  Yep, home of the Clydesdale’s, and we were able to see one up close and personal.

As I wrote last week, by any criteria you care to use, TCI Expo ’23 was a great success, for attendees as well as vendors.

So, what was new at the Green Pro Booths?

1.  The petite Hatz D190 diesel was introduced to TCI attendees.  We have used large Hatz engines going back 30 years.  This one-cylinder 14HP engine is again a marvel of German engineering.  Low maintenance, long life, amazing torque, that will make you money effortlessly for decades. 

Coupled with a Delta 100 diaphragm pump, spraying 60’ trees is no problem.  (Fewer and fewer companies are trying to spray over 60’ anyway.) The Hatz is a pretty low-cost upgrade considering all of the benefits, like using diesel fuel right out of the truck’s fuel tank.  The crowd at our booth was very impressed.

2.  Equally impressive, although for much different reasons, was our Privy Solutions line of on-the-go bathroom products.  From bucket toilets to tents to portable, removable toilet seats that would rival the bathroom fixture in your house, we have the solutions for a significant industry problem.  If you are not aware of the problem yet, you soon will be.

Have you taken the time to calculate what bathroom breaks are costing your company annually?  Our line of toilet products could literally add double digit percentages to your profit.  Seriously.

3.  At the Nature’s Pro booth, Keith was talking about our latest upgrade to the highly acclaimed Bio Tree & Shrub All-in-One product.  With the addition of Phosphite, this comprehensive liquid plant health product outperforms the competition in so many ways.  Including Phosphite to continuously address root disease and increase the overall defense responses of woody plants is a game changer.

It’s such a game changer, that Nature’s Pro will pay you $1000 if you can provide us with a single, more comprehensive plant health product at a lower cost than Bio-Tree and Shrub, as tested by an independent lab.  We’ll even fund the test! So far, no one has won the $1000.