Dirt Simple™ Tea Brewing Recipes

This summary of recipes is for all sizes of brewers. Those who own larger brewers do not always need to brew compost tea to the full capacity of their brewer. Smaller brews require less ingredients, but a 500G brew does not take half the ingredients of a 1000G brew. Therefore we are providing you the specific information for the size of the brew that you are making regardless of the size of the brewer.

Dirt Simple BrewerPremium CompostFish HydrolysateTurf Pro Humate +Soluble Kelp
DS 302 lbs.4 oz.4 oz.2 oz.
DS 603 lbs.8 oz.8 oz.4 oz.
DS 1005 lbs.16 oz.16 oz.8 oz.
DS 2008 lbs.24 oz.24 oz.12 oz.
DS 2008 lbs.24 oz.24 oz.12 oz.
DS 50015 lbs.48 oz.48 oz.24 oz.
DS 100020 lbs.64 oz.64 oz.32 oz.

The Soil Foodweb recommends that, immediately prior to application, add 3G of Fish Hydrolysate, 2G of TurfPro and 1lb of Soluble Kelp per acre. This is a general application rate. This can vary significantly depending on type of crop, whether foliar or drench application, the purpose for which the application is being made, and other conditions.

For more specific application information, contact:

The Soil Foodweb Oregon, LLC
1750 SW 3rd Street, Suite K
Corvallis, OR 97333
(542) 752-5066