Choosing the Right Compost Tea Application Equipment

Not all sprayers are created equal. That is particularly true when it comes to applying compost tea. A good compost tea sprayer has the follow features:

  1. The application tank must have as few corners as possible for easy cleaning.
  2. It should have a large opening in the top so that it is easy to add the tea and various food amendments.
  3. A larger access also permits easier cleaning.
  4. It must drain fully and have a bottom drain, also for cleaning. Round is best.
  5. Aeration equipment must be included if application will take longer than 4 hours. It must be sized to provide sufficient oxygen.
  6. Aeration equipment installed in the tank must be easy to remove and clean.
  7. Aeration equipment must be installed in such a way as to avoid damage by both the compost tea and the weather. It must have a sufficient power source.
  8. Any line filters or strainers on the spray system must permit small particles of kelp and other food sources to pass through without clogging.
  9. The pump must do minimal harm to the microbes.
  10. The pump must be able to pump small particles without damage to the pump.
  11. The pump must have enough return to the tank to keep all components in solution, particularly if there is no aeration on the system.
  12. Spray guns must permit passage of small particles so they will not clog.
  13. Like the unit shown above, you may want a smaller aerated concentrated tea tank so that you can make more compost tea when the first tank is empty.
  14. It is particularly helpful if your compost tea unit can be used in a multitude of other ways, and perhaps include a smaller mix and application tank as shown.

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