Greater Profitability Means Matching the Equipment to the Circumstances. This is it.

If you provide plant health care services in urban settings, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

  • Narrow Streets – makes even opening your vehicle door a challenge.
  • One Way Streets – Do you have hose reels on both sides of the truck?
  • Small Intersections – It’s hard getting larger rigs around the corners.
  • Back Yard Gardens – The only access is walking THROUGH the house. Spray hose is not allowed in the house.
  • Roof Top Gardens – Spray hose doesn’t work very well here either.
  • Indoor plants in Corporate Building – Definitely no spray hoses allowed here.
  • Zoos, Theme Parks, anywhere with lots of foot traffic  – no spray hoses while the feet are moving.
  • Security – Keeping people away from chemicals and your equipment is paramount when you can’t even see your equipment from where you are working.

Well, you get the idea. There are special challenges for PHC technicians who work in higher density environments with a greater variety of application needs.

What you need is a solution. And, as you know, solutions are Green Pro’s specialty.

We do indeed have a solution, or perhaps more exactly, we have several different solutions packaged in one elegant and highly efficient delivery system.

First, you need equipment with a spray hose to do those properties that require hoses. It must be mounted in the rear so making applications on either side of one-way streets is not a problem.

You also need equipment that can make the same applications without spray hoses. That would be the Njekt System – soil injections, bark sprays and foliar sprays all rolled into one extremely efficient, mobile and profitable package.

Place the Njekt, backpack sprayer and small liquid tanks and maybe 2.5G supply jugs on you child’s express wagon and take it anywhere, even up an elevator. (Don’t forget to ask your child’s permission!)

Njekt Soil Injection System

For zoos and parks you might be using biological controls, like lace wings for aphid control. For that you need a refrigerator. No problem. Our comprehensive system even includes the (kitchen) sink. Yes, literally a sink.

And you need a delivery platform that is quite nimble, able to wind through narrow city streets and negotiate tight turns. It needs to be enclosed and totally secure so you can lock it up and walk away without the fear of someone stealing something or somehow sabotaging your sprayer. Actually, you want it to look like it’s not a sprayer at all. Some members of the public have very negative reactions to spraying chemicals into the environment. It’s best not to alert them.

So here’s the list: nimble, quick, secure, efficient, flexible, go anywhere, do anything equipment that doesn’t attract attention. Quite a list.

21st Century Sprinter PHC Delivery System 

Yes, it always comes with a sink and can easily be outfitted with a refrigerator for your biologicals or your sandwich. It can also be your bathroom. See the following two links for more information:

Really, what more could you ask for?