Arborists attending Arbor Expo stared in disbelief. Were they really seeing what they were seeing. Was that really a toilet inside a Sprinter van?

And then, in a moment, it was gone.

Gary here . . .

Yes, didn’t you see the magic trick of “now you see it, now you don’t?” As quickly as the toilet seat appeared, it disappeared. Quickly put it in place when you need it. Remove and store the seat when your mission is completed. And it was a real toilet seat, not some flimsy camping version of a toilet seat. This was designed for people of all sizes, the same kind of seat you see in your own bathroom.

You know all too well, the industry has a problem. Where do your field employees go to the bathroom? Plus, it’s costing your company ten’s of thousands of dollars in lost productivity, additional fuel and increased risk of parking lot accidents.

There hasn’t been a solution – until now.

Actually, Green Pro has come up with an entire list of solutions. We highlighted them last week, but I didn’t include pricing. So learn about the list of options AND the pricing, which you will find very reasonable and much less costly than driving to find a bathroom.

Removable Toilet
Green Pro now has a complete toilet system available for our Sprinter model spray trucks. Remove the seat from the storage area, hook it onto the built-in structure that comes with every new Sprinter, and insert the triple barrier locking bag suitable for liquids or solids.

When complete, remove and lock the disposable bag and return the seat to the storage area. Each seat comes with 10 Disposa-John bags.
(Item BR500) $449

Bin Door Buddy Privacy Curtain Magnets fasten a privacy curtain to any steel surface.
(Item 30301) $47

Brief Relief Bag – Unisex

Designed with a female in mind. Individually packaged liquid waste bags with anti-microbial wipe.
Case of 50 $125
(Item BR608)
Case of 100 $250
(Item BR608)
Case of 250 $609
(Item NSP608 – Not individually wrapped.)

Disposa-John Portable Restroom – Unisex
Triple barrier bag for liquids and solids. Includes toilet paper and anti-microbial wipes. (Item BR500)
Case of 50 $200
Case of 100 $400

Commode Utility Kit Specially design bucket carries all of the supplies and foam seat. Includes (10) BR500 disposable multipurpose bags.
(Item CE510) $95

Grey Privacy Shelter Complete personal privacy shelter is flame resistant, (meeting CPAI-84 standards), water repellent and non-conductive. Includes anchor stakes, tie-down rope and interlocking zippers 4- x 4- x 6.5’. Easy up – Easy down. Shown with CE510 inside. (Item PQ500) $159

Universal Toilet Seat Frame
Designed for inside chip boxes and other possible locations $169
Add the toilet seat (shown) $449 and magnetic curtain $47 

Prices as of 4/14/23

As you well know, cutting costs can be one of the best ways of increasing profitability. In the process, you will be demonstrating to your employees that you really do care about them.

I urge you to thoughtfully consider the information you are reading. Hygiene needs and what it is currently costing your company to address this issue are very real. It is even more real to your PHC technicians and tree crews. It is every day, all day real for them.

Call Eric today and get your team on the road to better productivity by getting the supplies you need. Eric can be reached at (866) 609-4172 x109.

Arbor Expo was a great show again this year. We talked with a lot of people dedicated to preserving the health and increasing the vitality of the plants they maintain. We thank all of those who visited our booths and learned about the many ways that Green Pro Solutions, Nature’s Pro and Prescription Soil Analysis can grow and support your business. Don’t forget about our business growing customer communication and retention newsletter “Garden Tips,” to serve your clients better. People are always surprised that we offer so many different tools dedicated to growing your company.

If you want to grow your business, go to our websites (below) or give us a call at (866) 609-4172. We offer (almost) everything you need to make more money in this field. Check us out. Like so many others, you will be glad you did.

We have always supported your company with quality spray equipment and a range of other products. Now, at a very affordable price point, we are supporting your people on the front lines who get the job done for you every day. We are helping you support your employees and grow your business in a responsible and caring way.

Green Pro continues to create winning solutions. That’s our job.