It’s already the beginning of February. Of course, you are thinking about this next season. Can you and your team be more successful, more profitable than previous years?

I can say with absolute confidence, Yes You Can !

Gary here . . .

How can I be so certain? It’s a matter of focusing on the fundamentals. If you’ve been following along, you know that during the month of January, we have been focusing on various ways to cutting costs and making more money. Is there anyone who couldn’t use more money? Here’s a quick recap. If you missed a week, I have included the three links so you can go back and review or catch up on what you missed.

Installment #1

Injecting with Njekt
Injecting with Njekt Soil Injector

An overview of increasing income and reducing cost by identifying all three areas that can either cost or save your company money; products, procedures and equipment. We identified that foliar sprays are the least efficient and least profitable way to deliver PHC services and make money. Trunk sprays and soil injections are at least twice as profitable. We referenced the Njekt Soil Injection System which also includes a backpack so you can provide both of these highly profitable services for your customers. This also means you can carry far less water, i.e., a smaller spray system. The three business building tips were:

  1. Lower labor cost through increased efficiency.
  2. Reduced chemical cost.
  3. Smaller, less expensive spray equipment.   

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Installment #2

Jim Dunkerley
Jim Dunkerley

We focused on products and procedures and their impact on best IPM practices. Guest contributor, college instructor, and 35+ year ISA member Jim Dunkerley explained how he totally transformed a company’s PHC program in one year, with really amazing results in the first five years. They were:

  1. 100% customer retention PLUS a dramatic increase in referral business.
  2. Chemical cost cut by 80%.
  3. Labor cost per dollar earned cut in half.
  4. Profit increased by 50% without increasing prices to the customer.

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Installment #3

Apple Scab
Apple Scab

Again the focus was on products and procedures, particularly as it relates to fixing broken soil and using bark sprays. With the well documented fundamental concept that no plant can be any healthier than the soil in which it grows, we shared the fact that correcting soil issues can eliminate more than 50% of pest sprays – a huge cost reduction to your business without reducing your profit. 

But if disease strikes, we highlighted the amazing invention of Pentra-Bark®, which birthed the bark spray method of using disease management products to dramatically reduce both labor cost and chemical usage while increasing overall effectiveness of the control. The money-making concepts were:

  1. Soil care program reduces pests.
  2. Significant reduction in chemical cost.
  3. Vastly improved plant health with less dependence on chemical intervention
  4. Increased customer retention and referrals.
  5. Significant reduction in labor required, permitting 20-30% more customer visits per day.
  6. Dramatic reduction in the size of spray equipment required.  

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So, look at all of the ways you can cut costs and make more money. It is not difficult and it is easy to implement if your mind is open to change. Without the willingness to change the way we think and how we do things, goals of growing a company are futile, just piped dream.

So what do YOU want?

If you choose to adopt the products and methods you have just read about, you would be adding $1,000’s of dollars per month to your bank account. That’s correct. $1,000’s of dollars.

What should you do with that extra money? I think you should buy a PHC delivery system that makes it all possible. Doesn’t that just make sense? Here’s the best part, you now have the income to pay for it. 

As a matter of fact, I have had many companies tell me that their new Green Pro spray truck helped them become so much more efficient that it totally paid for itself. At the end of the month, the additional income they made through increased efficiency more than covered the payments for their new sprayer. It’s like getting a new sprayer for free.

Your best option, having proven itself for the last five years, is the 21st Century Sprinter PHC Delivery System. More than just a sprayer, it includes all of the equipment and application methods into its design so you can get the mind-blowing results you have been reading about. Truly. We have video testimony after video testimony from owners describing how the Sprinter has truly transformed their business. You can see many of them on our You Tube channel. But what you really want to know is this. How much does it really cost?

As always, it depends on how you want it uplifted. How high do you want to spray? Do you want a diesel engine or a gas engine? How many hose reels do you want? How much liquid do you want to carry? Everyone orders their Sprinter with an Njekt System to do soil injections and trunk sprays. The Njekt dramatically increases their efficiency and profitability, while cutting water usage by as much as 50%.

Want to meet your plant health care future face to face? Visit Arbor Expo. We will have a 21st Century Sprinter there, tricked out with all of the money-making options you need to move your company forward, into the 21st Century.