Most Likely, You Waited Too Long. I’m Sorry

I know you are very busy. I know business consumes you day and night. I know you can’t find good employees. You tell me that this is your best year ever. But many of you are ignoring the fact that too much has changed. You are in for a terrible shock. Like every other year, you are waiting until November or December to meet with your accountant to determine your tax strategy for next year. What equipment should you buy? How much money should you re-invest in your business instead of sending it to the “swamp” in Washington? But your time to choose may have already been stolen from you.  

Gary here…

It pains me to tell you this, but you are probably too late. The opportunity to invest your money in your business, the desire to keep your company growing, the commitment you have made to yourself and your family to finally take them on that nice vacation, or enough money to send the kids to college – it may be just a pipe dream.

It will be virtually impossible to find a truck to buy in December.  It won’t exist.

Hopefully, all is not lost . . .

But you have to act immediately. If you are not certain how profitable you are this year, stop reading this letter, pick up the phone, and call your financial advisor. NOW! Yep, I mean it. This is a dire situation and you may not even realize what is about to happen to you.

You have been too busy making money to pay attention. Understandable. It’s not your fault, but I’ve got your back. We are committed to come along side you and help you Make Much More Money. We are paying attention to the other important things while you are busy running your company.

Do you know that manufacturers are putting computer modules into trucks, driving them out of the assembly plant, and parking them? Then they take the modules out of the new trucks and install them in the next new trucks so they can drive them off the assembly line. No lie. Bill Mitchel from Custom Truck One Source just told me that at Arbor Expo two weeks ago. They are just praying for more computer chips in the future so they can get all of the new trucks running. And it is just that, a prayer. They have no idea from where or when they will have enough computer chips. What should you do? ACT!

Look at your bank balance. Look at your Accounts Receivable. Make a determination whether you are going to invest in your business or send it to the government. You do know that your money won’t stay in the bank, don’t you? Uncle Sam will get your money if you don’t use it to grow your business. 

What can Green Pro do? ACT on your behalf!

We have a really super team here. We will go to bat for you. We have connections. 

Call and tell us what you want. We will scour the country to find the van, chassis, or pick-up truck you need. That’s right. This is just part of our awesome service. You don’t have time to do this. We will invest the time to do this for you.

That’s who we are. Green Pro has been the trusted source for solid information, first rate service, and quality spray equipment for decades. It’s part of our DNA.

And, by the way, every day you wait, the price goes up.

I know, this has never happened before. I get it. But it is happening and we can’t ignore it. We have to be informed, make adjustments. Call your accountant today. Don’t wait another minute. (Waiting will be a disaster.) Then call Green Pro. Our team is ready to serve you, and help you Make Much More Money.