You’ve got more than enough to do, enough on your plate to feed the entire neighborhood. Stressful summer weather, managing vacation schedules, challenging customers, more work than your staff can handle, rising costs – the list is endless and grows longer every day.

What you need is good news!

And I’m here to share some very good news with you. How about better results for less money? Yes, that is good news.

People hire you to keep their properties healthy and beautiful, and in that order. If their trees, shrubs and turf aren’t healthy, they won’t be beautiful. And you often get hired because the plants aren’t beautiful (i.e. unhealthy) and you are supposed to fix the problem, whatever “the problem” is.

There are two possible approaches to answering “the problem.”

  1. Guess
  2. Test

Now many companies seem to take the short cut, go with a product or products that they have used before with some success and hope they will work this time. And it may work this time.

The other option is to take the property to the doctor’s office and get a good physical exam. Top to bottom, look in all the nooks and crannies and really see what’s going on. Then get a Doctor’s Prescription that tells you exactly what to do to get on the road to sustainable health and beauty.

And you don’t want just any doctor. You want a health specialist. (Remember – beauty is a result of better health. You have to begin with better health.) Someone who has all the right tools at their disposal, someone who asks the right questions so you can get the right answers. Isn’t that just logical? 

Of course it is.

We will cover advanced Prescription Soil Analysis soil testing in more detail at another time, although you are always welcome to call me and discuss it. But I do want you to see the results produced when advanced, comprehensive soil testing is followed up with an even more advanced Prescription. Our Prescription specifically targets the needs of specific plants in their specific soil.


But if you want to go with the “I’ve got a great product that usually works” method, don’t you need to have a really great product? Are the product(s) you are using now really that great? Are you sure? Can you be sure?

Better yet, wouldn’t it be almost miraculous to have a really great product that was also ridiculously inexpensive to use? No, I’m not kidding or trying to be cute. I’ve been doing this for 40 years. I only deal with reality. Yes, high quality and low cost can live in the same universe, as you are about to find out. 

What you end up with is incredible value!

The great product that you are looking for is Bio-Tree & Shrub All-in-One. The “great” is the opinion of many users. Can you name me one other product that addresses all four critically important aspects of plant health?

  1. Complete package of food grade, bio-available nutrients (If the nutrients aren’t available for the plant, fertilizing is a total waste.)
  2. Nutritional support for Soil Biology (Remember, soil biology transfers nutrients to the plant.)
  3. Soil Conditioners (Fix soil compaction every time you feed. What a concept!)
  4. Increased defense mechanism support, from roots to shoots. 

We just added this defense mechanism last year and it’s a game changer. There’s a multiplier effect when Phosphite (PO3) is combined with Phosphate (PO4) that takes plant health to a whole new level. And we are using the best PO3 product on the market – Stress Master from Quest. It has a secret ingredient than no other product has. The difference it makes for root diseases is amazing. Like our clients say – Game Changer!

Now, if you have never used Bio-Tree & Shrub, or any of our other cutting-edge products, we have a Special Fall Offer Just for You. First time orders for any size container of Bio-Tree & Shrub All-in-One, Bio-Green, or Bio-AER will receive 20% off their order. From 5-gallons to a 265-gallon IBC tote – make your great investment go even further. How far?

Remember, I referred to Bio-Tree & Shrub as being “ridiculously inexpensive.” 

Can you name me one other nutritional product with a cost potential as low as $0.55 per DBH? That’s all. 55 cents per inch. Give a 30-inch caliper tree the gift of better health for only $16.50 worth of product when applied according to our recommendations. See, it really is ridiculously inexpensive, particularly for a product of this quality. Heck, water is almost this expensive.

How do we do it? (Don’t tell anyone our secret, but this is how it works.) We send the product to you in a more concentrated formulation than your plants want or need. Remember that the great plant scientist Dr. Alex Shigo said that no plant needs or wants more than 5% nitrogen at a single application. (No, a slow release formulation is not the answer, but that will have to wait for another time.)

Our Prescription Soil Testing lab can also verify, after 1000’s of soil samples, that plants are looking for a 5-2-2 nutrient formulation. Even the most nitrogen loving plant on the planet has less than a 6% nitrogen total in all of its structures. High nitrogen applications are not only unnecessary and wasteful, they can actually damage the plant and make it less healthy. (Right, more info for another time.)

Nature’s Pro sells Bio-Tree & Shrub All-in-One at twice the concentration as the plant needs. Our 10-5-5 formulation is designed to be cut in half. Your client’s trees and shrubs will thrive on applications of 5-2-2. We do not recommend this procedure with other products. Remember, this is a truly remarkable, professional grade formulation addressing all mechanisms effecting planet health. No other single product contains formula. Therefore, Bio-Tree & Shrub All-in-One provides benefits no other product can match.

So it cuts your premium product cost in half! Because you use half as much of this concentrated product, you order it only half as often and cut your shipping cost in half. Wow, all of these halves add up to a ton of savings.

Remember, (I know, I am asking you to do a lot of remembering) nature plants its seeds the season before they grow. We need to put the nutrients in the ground in the fall so the plants can use them in the spring. If your clients are looking for awesome blossoms and brilliant color next spring, follow Nature’s lead and give them what they want this fall. And save a boat load of money for a real premium product at the same time!

Your customers will love the beauty of their landscape next spring. You will love the referrals they send you. And the plants will love Bio-Tree & Shrub All-in-One from Nature’s Pro, now more than ever.