Take a look at this “Before” photo.

Not looking too great. Poor color. Not very full. And this is in the Spring before the stresses of summer heat and lack of water take their toll.

Before Photo Taken 5/9/22
Single Treatment on 5/30/22
After Photo Taken on 10/2/22

What happened to cause the amazing transformation in the second photo? You know it is the same photo because it was taken from the exact same location. But WOW!

So what was done and how long did it take?

A measly five months. During the stresses of summer heat. May to October..

If you are thinking this is unbelievable, perhaps the result of a cocktail of a number of different products and multiple applications . . . you would be incorrect. It was one treatment of one product injected into the soil.  That product was Natures Pro Bio-Tree & Shrub All-in-One.

Everything that a plant needs to be vibrant and healthy in one product with a cost as low as 60¢ per 1” DBH.

What about the $250?  

The first company that emails me at keith@naturespro.com, the name of a competitor’s product and picture proof that it can provide this kind of result in this short of time at the very low price point of Bio-Tree & Shrub All-in-One gets $250. Simple. No strings attached.

NOTE: Before and after photos courtesy of Van Yahres Tree Company Charlottesville, VA.