When a spray truck is full, it is top heavy, so it rolls over more easily.

When the tanks are empty, curves can be taken at a little faster speed.

But when the tanks are partly full, the liquid is free to move, and move it does. It actually has more energy, and is more likely to roll over, or cause an accident, then when the tanks are completely full.

With partially filled tanks, the stopping distance is longer. If you take some of the pressure off the brake at a stop sign or traffic light, the moving liquid could push you into the car in front of you. The larger the tanks, the more energy is created. The greater the amount of energy, the greater the likelihood that something serious can happen. Within the trucking industry there are over 1,300 rollovers per year and many fatalities. Many of these are liquid loads.

Up until now, you probably thought there was no solution. But there is a solution.

Surge Busters®.

Gary here . . .

Surge Busters are a patented product of Liquid Surge Control, LLC that has been reducing rollovers and accidents for 20 years. You may have noticed the name at the bottom of our website as one of the Green Pro Family of companies. And Surge Busters work well on small liquid loads too. Jim Dunkerley’s 345G pickup sprayer was not as steady on the road before he added Surge Busters.

How are Surge Buster’s different than any other technology in the industry?

  • They eliminate 96% of the energy. No other technology comes close.
  • The energy is eliminated before it ever leaves the tank. No other technology does this.
  • As a floating, moving, surge elimination system, it can be removed from one tank and placed in another.
  • It displaces less than 1% of the tank capacity.
  • It reduces all maintenance costs on the vehicle, including brakes, frame damage, transmission, engine, and the entire running gear.
  • Surge Busters last a long time – 15 years +.
  • Teaching employees how to drive a liquid load is much easier.
  • Surge Busters are a low cost, simple, risk management solution with a very worthwhile payback.

For more information, go to www.LiquidSurgeControl.com. For purchases, visit www.SurgeBusters.us    

Surge Busters – one more risk management tool to help you sleep better at night

Liquid Surge Control, LLC