You may think I’m nuts. That’s ok with me. This sprayer looks good, but what really blows me away is its performance. I have never seen any spray system make so much money with such a small investment.

Hi, Gary here. You know how everyone is trying to be green, sustainable and efficient? This spray system goes to an all-new level. How about a sales vehicle, that is also a service vehicle, that can also make more money in a day than many spray trucks? Crazy, huh?

Look at this beauty.

Not what you expected?

This Green Pro design replaced the two people in the back seat with 56 gallons of liquid and an Njekt System – 500 lbs. You can see the gravity feed nozzle where they fill the back pack sprayer and Njekt Systemic Soil Injector tanks.

On curbside you see the Njekt with its collection of pre-mixed, highly concentrated injection tanks, ready to produce $50 – $75 in less than two minutes with just a few quick pumps around that azalea or even that dogwood over there.

What I really appreciate about Sam Krivulka and his team at C&S Tree Care is their out-of-the-box approach to solving their plant health care needs. They wanted something very targeted and very productive to service all of their clients in the northern and western suburbs of Philadelphia. This pre-owned CRV had completed its life as a family vehicle and was the perfect solution. It is all polished up, looks great, and meets their needs exactly.

With the backpack to do bark sprays PLUS the Njekt that comes with the system, it can very easily do $3000 per day. We have had companies DOUBLE that amount in a single day! And 56 gallons of liquid can produce that income.

The Njekt uses the Principle of Concentration. A very concentrated solution injected into a high concentration of fine root hairs that results in a rapid, efficient and effective response. Did I mention extremely profitable?

Njekt Soil Injection System

Without question, this CRV gets the Olympic Metal for Return on Investment.

There is also a significant amount of space to carry the backpack sprayer and all of the supplies. There is even room for a large mist blower if you wanted to spray larger ornamentals up to 40’ high.

Did you notice I said Sales vehicle and Service vehicle? If your salesmen are not taking an Njekt with them on their sales calls, you are losing both sales and future business.

At Green Pro we bring creativity and innovation to everything we do. What can we do to make a difference in your company?

Unclear how an Njekt can secure sales today and bring in more sales in the future? Take a few minutes to read about this really successful sales call at the property of Mr. Gordon.

(Click here to read it.)

Now that you have read the sales scenario from Mr. Gordon, you now understand why every selling arborist should carry an Njekt System with them on every sales call. It will win your company business and make you money.

If there ever was a time to be thinking out of the box, this is it. Your challenge is to grow your business without access to all of the traditional resources you are used to having available, like adding an additional truck to your fleet. Kudos to Sam and the team at C&S Tree Care for finding a very creative and profitable way to add additional PHC capacity to their program.


You don’t want to miss the new sprayer we are rolling out at Arbor Expo in Springfield, MA on March 31 and April 1. We will show you how to add 750 gallons of spray capacity to your fleet without adding an additional truck. That’s right – no extra truck. It will have plenty of storage. two hose reels… 

Well, you’ll just have to see it. Plus, it will be a great show with a huge outdoor demo area where you can make the wood chips fly! For real, not virtually. Where else can you do that?