We’ve all heard the adage, “You reap what you sow.”

As business owners and managers, we are sowing every day. What are we reaping?

Gary here . . .

As I look in the mirror each day, I see myself as a husband, a father, a grandfather and many other roles that I play. One of those roles is also as a business owner. I am responsible for leading employees and taking care of our clients.

Reflecting on that role in the mirror, who is that Gary Maurer? As it relates to your business, who are you as a leader?

I frequently hear people tell me at trade shows that they really like our spray equipment and they would buy it if only they had someone to run it. “Just deliver a technician with each spray truck you deliver to me and I will buy two of them today,” I have heard. Sad. We like to think we are running our businesses, but often our success and income is at the mercy of things beyond our control.

Or is it?

Perhaps you have heard of companies promoting themselves as a winner of a “Best Place to Work” award. Is that your company?

These companies also contend for “Raving Fans” awards. If you haven’t read this amazing little book by Ken Blanchard on how to get your customers to love you, or you haven’t read it in a while, that’s the next thing you should put on your “To-Do” list.

But isn’t that interesting. Companies that have customers that love them often have employees that love them. Is that unusual or typical?


I don’t just talk to folks at tree, turf care and agricultural companies, I also talk to suppliers and all of the other service providers I interact with on a daily basis. I ask them how long they have been employees and why they still work there. In this mobile age in which we live, it is remarkable how often I am speaking with someone who has been at their employer 20, 25, 30 years and more. What keeps a person at a company for over 30 years? And yes, some of these people are at tree and turf care companies.

But let’s look at a company called “4 Imprint”. 4 Imprint is a promotional items company. Whether it is company logos on shirts, gifts for clients, or give-away items at trade shows, 4-Imprint is that company.

“This is the best place I have ever worked” was the response when I asked the order taker why he was there. These companies also advertise how long employees have worked there. Think of this. It gives the customers confidence that they are doing business with a reputable company that is going to be in business beyond tomorrow. 

Who are the companies you prefer to do business with and why? More to the point, are you that company?

Finding and retaining good employees and good customers is not an accident. It is also a sorting process. Some employees don’t know how to be good employees, although some can be trained to be good employees with good, caring management. Even customers can be trained how to be better customers if they are so inclined. It is based on mutual respect, good communication and delineating expectations.

As a business owner or manager, would you work for you? 

If not, then you have some work to do and it’s not on your company. You must work on you, the way you think, the values you have and how you communicate them to others. It’s not complicated. Almost anyone can learn how to be better at leading people and attracting customers. These are skills that aren’t taught in school but the information is readily available.

I recommend you start with another book by Ken Blanchard called “The One Minute Manager”. He has a whole series of concise, easy to read management training books, some with intriguing titles like “Who Moved My Cheese.”

I don’t really believe there are natural born leaders. Some people may more naturally have the skill sets and value systems that good leaders have but, with the right commitment, most people can become better leaders, if not great leaders. Saying the right words, the right way, with the right value system, makes all the difference.

At Green Pro Solutions, we are all about you and your company’s success, not only by using the quality equipment, products and services we provide, but with any other information or tips that will help you run a successful company.

Here’s a tip.

You can be a better client of ours, and all of us at Green Pro can serve you better, if you can attract and retain good employees and grow the number of customers you serve. It’s simple. We love win-win-win relationships.

If there is anything we can do to help you grow your business, we are here to serve. And thank you for your business.