Our clients tell us we build awesome equipment to deliver plant health care products and services. But sometimes, something is missing and we are not aware. We don’t know we are missing anything.

Have you noticed that sometimes the fertilizer you use seems to work better on some properties and not others. Do you know why?

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There could be a number of reasons. 

Nutrient scarcity is a primary reason. Plants need essential nutrients to thrive, not just primary nutrients, or even secondary nutrients. Check your fertilizer to see if it has a balanced formulation. It might still work in some locations if the secondary or micro-nutrients are already present in the soil, but is that a risk you really want to take? Your customers want to see the results they are paying for. Are you using products that have the greatest likelihood of producing those results?

Just for reference, Bio-Tree & Shrub contains: Nitrogen, Phosphate, Phosphite, Potassium, Baron, Copper, Magnesium, Manganese, Sulfur & Zinc plus carbohydrates, kelp, and humates.

Another possible missing nutrient may be water. Too little water may not melt slow-release coatings around granular products to make the nitrogen available, or can cause nitrogen to volatize into the air. On the other hand, too much rain creates leaching into ground water or run-off, again losing large amounts of nitrogen.  

Too little water can be controlled by the property owner, but will they? Too much water cannot be controlled unless it’s caused by irrigation.

One more major missing factor is often soil biology.

As the Nitrogen Cycle clearly shows, there are five different points in the cycle where biology is critically important for converting nitrogen into plant available forms. Without biology, the fertilizer you are using may never become available to the plant. Or a lot less of it may become available than is needed. What a tragedy. The customer pays the money but doesn’t get the results.

At Green Pro / Nature’s Pro we offer two different methods of applying biology. One is a stabilized product that provides sufficient biological diversity and volume to get the results you are looking for. It is part of our Bio-Tea Program.

It requires no special equipment, no brewing aeration or refrigeration, and can be used in any sprayer, even equipment that has been used with chemicals. It is a great additive to liquid fertilizer injections.

The second way of applying biology is Compost Tea. We have been building the equipment, both brewers and dedicated sprayers, and providing the ingredients and expertise in this area for many years. Building brewers ranging in size from 10G to 1000G, our Dirt Simple Brewers can be found in many countries around the world. We are currently working on a large-scale project in Ethiopia. As fertilizers become scarcer and more expensive, we anticipate that using biology to solubilize nutrients out of the soil will become more widespread.

Compost Tea Brewer

“I’m very pleased with my DS10 Compost Tea Brewer. I’m able to brew 12.5 gallons with no problems. Above that level, the air pump is so powerful it causes the tea to leak from the lid and run down the side of the tank. I’m brewing every other day. Lots of soil drenching in the garden and lawn.”  

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Grand Rapids, MI

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