Some of these toys are very large and very expensive, but this toy show has been set up exclusively for you. You can try before you buy.

Gary here . . .

Where is this toy store? Springfield, Massachusetts.

And there is a special open house just for Arborists on March 30 and 31 at the “BIG E.” 

Almost any piece of machinery you can dream of will be outside in the demo area — demoing. They will be putting on a show and you can participate. You can sharpen your skills over the next two weeks so you are ready to show everyone what you can do.

But that’s not all. There is a large indoor exhibition area as well. The CEU classes will be held here and lots of other vendors will be showing their wares. That’s where Green Pro Solutions will be – indoors.

We bought a lot of booth space this year to show you the equipment we are bringing. If you know Green Pro Solutions, you know there’s always something new to see. And you definitely will not be disappointed this year! You will do a double take (and maybe even a triple take) when you see our brand-new display item that’s never before seen at this show. I guarantee it will be well worth a visit to the Green Pro Booth #403.

You’ll see a couple of different styles of spray trucks. Yes, there are new and different components inside.   Then saunter next door to the Nature’s Pro booth and learn about the new product we are representing. Want a chance to win $1000? Visit Nature’s Pro.

New Jersey is ending the use of neonicotinoid products at the end of this year to reduce the destruction of bees. Is our state next? What will you do without Merit™ and its companion products to beat back various diseases? Nature’s Pro can help. Visit our booth for details.

While you’re there, test the #1 soil injector – Njekt. 

As crazy as this sounds, you might bump into an arborist or two that have used the Njekt to generate up to $7000 of income in a single day. That’s probably more than your spray truck makes. That’s why the Njekt is the #1 soil injector – versatility and profitability. Experience the thrill of making $10 every 10 seconds at our indoor demo area.

I personally believe attending trade shows is transformative. The data is clear. People that visit trade shows move their businesses forward more quickly than non-attendees. From start-ups to national powerhouses, trade shows are where people go to grow.

I believe in them so strongly, that I will help pay your way to attend.