Way more than three Surprises are yours to keep forever. When you go to TCI Expo, you can be surprised by so many different things: the people you meet, the courses you take and everything you can learn visiting the trade show floor.

Gary here . . .

And (you guessed it) there is always something new and exciting at the Green Pro booth. This Expo you can meet the small but mighty Hatz diesel engine that we have available now. Mate it to a 26gpm Delta 100 pump and hit 60’ high trees with ease. Built to last forever, it can pull fuel directly from the truck’s diesel tank. You’ll fall in love with this mighty little engine and its amazing spray performance.

But we’d really like you to meet a very special person.

We are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our Green Pro team, Brent Weiler, who steps into the role of Chief Operating Officer. With an impressive career spanning over three decades in the plumbing and HVAC industry, Brent brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our organization.

His invaluable skills and extensive background will play a pivotal role in steering Green Pro towards a brighter future. With a strategic vision and exceptional leadership abilities, Brent’s addition to our leadership team is expected to take us to new heights.

Brent’s presence will serve as a driving force for our company’s success, further cementing our position at the forefront of innovation and service excellence. We eagerly anticipate the positive impact he will have on our team and the industry as a whole.

Brent Weiler

But the best surprise is when you return home and use what you’ve learned to transform your company into something you’ve only dreamed about.

Come to the TCI Expo. Transform your thinking and your business. Make new friends like Brent Weiler. It can make a powerful difference in your future.

See you there at Booth #720.