Last week I posted important information about year-end planning. It must be done now in order to have new equipment for next Spring. It also needs to be done now to avoid paying too much of your hard-earned profit to the IRS.

I also shared how Green Pro can assist you in realizing your goals, at no cost to you.

That is correct. Our service is free. What am I talking about?

Gary here…

I received this text message at the end of last week, “I am ready to write a check. Is the Sprinter still available?”

This got my attention.

He had seen the Sprinter several weeks before and it had the goodies he wanted, like the remote rewind hose reel and the Njekt Soil Injection System. Then he drove the Sprinter for a few miles. He was all smiles when he got out of the truck. “This doesn’t drive like a truck!” Having driven thousands of miles in Sprinters myself, delivering these advanced 21st Century Spray Systems across the United States, I knew exactly what he was talking about.

Remote Reel System
Remote Reel System

Unfortunately, the Sprinter was sold at the Arbor Expo trade show just two weeks prior. Bummer! (Or words to that effect.) 

Well, dear reader, since you read last week’s e-blast, you know exactly what I said next.

“Our Green Pro Team will scour the earth (at no cost) to find you the Sprinter you want and need to grow your business.” “Ok,” he replied with some apprehension in his voice. “But I need to buy it before December 31st!” Understood

This was on a Friday. We started making phone calls to Mercedes dealers that afternoon. By 8 pm Friday night I found a beautiful Sprinter that had all of the upgrades and safety features that the client wanted. The seasoned salesman put the Sprinter on hold for 24 hours so the potential buyer would have a chance to review the specifications and the financing options. I received a text message Saturday morning at 10:03 am.

“Truck has been ordered.” To be clear, there were no Sprinters sitting in any parking lots anywhere. I was talking with salespeople who were looking at order sheets for units that they had ordered months ago and were awaiting shipment. My client bought a unit that will be shipped in early November. We will upfit his 21st Century Sprinter PHC System and put a big red bow on it just in time for Christmas. In 2022, he and his company will be ready to Make Much More Money, just like all of the other companies we build spray equipment for.

What about you? Let us help you…