No one has yet come up with a more comprehensive, lower cost plant health care product than Bio-Tree & Shrub All-in-One. I know people are pretty busy right now so we will just let the competition for Best Value in a Plant Health Care Nutrient Product open for a bit longer.

But I think it is significant that we do not have a winner yet. Is it because there really is no better product than Bio-Tree & Shrub All-in-One? And just so you know that the before and after photos we sent out earlier were not some sort of exception, here are some other before and after photos.

Poor soil conditions, poor irrigation, poor pH.
After two years of using Bio-Tree & Shrub. Chlorosis – Gone.

The first company that emails me at the name of a competitor’s product and picture proof that it can provide this kind of result in this short of time at the very low price point of Bio-Tree & Shrub All-in-One gets $250. Simple. No strings attached.

Why do we call it All-in One?

Here’s why:

  1. Complete nutrient formula, properly balanced, in food grade form for fast uptake.
  2. Food for beneficial biology like mychorrhaize to transport nutrients to the tree.
  3. Soil conditioners to loosen hard compacted soils or make sandy soils less porous.
  4. Includes StressMaster ®, the most advanced and effective phosphite product on the market.

It literally has everything a tree or shrub could want to be healthy – an all in one product. If you need something else, we can custom mix products after testing with our nutrient-available Prescription Soil Analysis soil testing program. We can assure you, there is no other program that matches it. Call me for more information at (800) 645-6464.

While I have your attention, let me remind you that the TCI Expo in Charlotte is just three weeks away, November 10 – 12. Again, you will see Green Pro equipment at the Expo that will be brand new, never before seen features at the Expo. You won’t want to miss it.

Of course, I will be there too, explaining how to maximize tree health with Nature’s Pro products and helping identify nutritional and other soil issues with Prescription Soil Analysis. I’ll also be showing you how to integrate everything to improve customer satisfaction, retention, and growing your business. And of course I’ll be showing you how to grow your bank account!