Drip … Drip … Drip …

Oh no.  My sprayer has developed a drip.

Where is it coming from?

Of course, the worst possible location, behind the manifold with lots of stuff in the way.  It could take at least a half a day to fix it.  And I have to take stuff apart that is not leaking just to get to the leak. After I put all of those threaded fittings back together and attach the hoses, there is no guarantee that it will be fixed, or that I won’t have more leaks.

Why not stick a fork in it?

At Green Pro, we understand how time consuming and costly these types of repairs can be.  Better yet, we have done something about it.

We are at war with threaded fittings!

Wherever possible, we replace threads with forks, fittings that substitute the standard pipe fitting with time-tested poly fittings that use U-shaped metal “forks,” sealed with o-rings.  The results are amazing! First of all, that drip probably won’t be there.  But even if it is, pulling out a couple of forks, even in the tightest areas, gets you right to the heart of the problem.

Hours can be reduced to minutes.

Do you have to winterize your sprayer?  You will find a new way to love forks.  Pull out a couple of strategically located forks, pull the fittings apart and presto – instant drainage.  Putting everything back together in the spring is a cinch too.

Advancing technology, using proven solutions, designing with you in mind, thinking into the future – this is who we are at Green Pro Solutions.

Take advantage of all that the most advanced spray equipment in the industry has to offer.  More efficiency.  More Profitability.