There are a number of reasons our sprayers out-spray the competition. Today I will talk about one.

The Manifold.

Yes, the arrangement of valves and plumbing – the lowly Manifold.

Gary here . . .

All of the liquid in your spray rig flows through the Manifold(s). But how well?

Titan I – 2-pump manifold. Left manifold is PTO driven, 60 gpm pump for 100′ trees. Linked manifold on right is 20 gpm pump for 50′ high trees. Fork fitting visible under manifolds.

At Green Pro Solutions, we asked ourselves that question a number of years ago. Our testing determined that liquid does not flow through most manifolds very well. There is a lot of turbulence inside a manifold with liquid coming in at one or more locations and going out at another. The liquid needs room to get organized so it can move more freely.

That’s why you will usually find our plumbing is oversized. Green Pro manifolds make it easier for both the pressure and the volume to get where you want it to go – out the end of your spray gun. The result? Smaller pumps can spray higher trees. You can get better performance and maybe spend a little less money on your rig.

Then there is what we call Fork Fittings. These “U”-shaped connectors kind of look like oversized staples. When coupled with internal o-rings, this wonderful invention spins 360 degrees with no leaks, assembles and disassembles in seconds, and is a mechanic’s dream come true. It makes winterization a snap.

Technicians love the intuitive design of Green Pro Manifolds. We try to get valves organized so they are easy to identify. They sort of line up over top of one another so it is easier to determine if they are in the right position. The benefits – faster learning time and fewer mistakes. When you consider how often spray techs change spray trucks, this is a big deal, particularly since the wrong spray on the wrong tree can cost a company $1,000.

“I was surprised how easy it was to learn,” is what we often hear.

The Link System is where we connect multiple manifolds together so that multiple pumps can access all tanks in the system without having to plumb every tank to every manifold. “Genius,” we’re told.

Advancing technology, using proven solutions. 

Designing with you in mind, thinking into the future. This is who we are at Green Pro.

Blow Outs are included on most manifolds, making it easy to drain liquid out for winterization. (Although, as you just learned, it is very easy to remove Fork Fittings.) But sometimes you need to “Burp” a suction line, if there is air trapped in the line and the pump can’t seems to prime. Blow Outs are great for that. Blow Outs can also be used to clean manifolds; to rinse out old product that may be laying in the bottom.

But you can tell just by looking at Green Pro spray equipment that we spend a lot of time designing sprayers that are easy to use and easy to maintain. When you pull the trigger on a spray gun, you realize that they outperform the competition.

And after all, that’s what you’re paying for – production.

Check us out. Compare our equipment to our competitors, and there is no better venue than the TCI Expo in St Louis on November 16-18, 2023.

The Green Pro Team will be there. We look forward to seeing you there as well