Most of us say we are open to new information but, deep down inside, are we?

Those of us who are a little older (like me) tend to be a little more “stuck in our ways.” This was brought into sharp focus recently at a trade show when a “seasoned professional” was totally honest with me. “I am not really interested in what you want to show me or tell me. Our company has done it this way for years and we are not about to change.”

I appreciate his candor. But really, has nothing changed in decades? Are there no improvements? 

At Quest, Bill Stringfellow’s invention of Pentra-Bark® is an absolute game changer. The list of benefits is amazing. 

  1. Spraying chemicals on the bark versus foliar applications reduces chemical use by amounts that would fill railroad cars.
  2. Drift is almost eliminated, making applications dramatically less damaging to the environment.
  3. Application time is reduced up to 80% – unbelievable.
  4. The Bottom Line – chemical savings and labor savings = millions of extra dollars in the bank accounts of PHC companies.
Bark Sprary

And this “seasoned professional” says he is not interested.

I don’t sell Pentra-Bark® (Maybe I should. I love cutting edge technology.), but you get my point. Companies that are not looking at the latest innovations cannot compete with those that keep exploring for better products and better methods of doing things.

Failure of a company to keep up with innovation can be suicidal.

Another example: Many companies used to use the Kioritz, a targeted soil injector. It was revolutionary in its day. Some arborists are still teary-eyed over its

demise rather than exploring for a replacement. They need to realize that a far superior product, the Njekt, is on the scene.

Or how about fertilizer. 

    How many companies are still using 100-year-old fertilizer technology when there is new, much more advanced technology available? The list of benefits is about as amazing as Pentra-Bark®.

    1. Outstanding results
    2. Dramatically less product
    3. Cut labor cost by half
    4. Piles of additional money in your bank account

    What company would not want to take advantage of all of these benefits, or at least look at the evidence? Is it rational to ignore changing reality?

    If a company rejects all of these advancements in technology, then they are also left with delivery technology that is last century. The spray equipment a company uses is a direct reflection of their willingness to implement these newer technologies. You can still buy a new spray truck that was designed for the way things were done in the last century. Is that really the direction a company wants to go – backward?

    Employing all of the technologies I have highlighted above will use less than half of the liquid that the industry formally used on a typical day. Less than half. That means that the productivity of an old 1000G truck can be done with less than 500G. AND in half the time!

    Let that sink in for a moment. Generating the same amount of income in half the time. Which also means you can double your income in a single day. Can you imagine the difference that would make in your life if you doubled your income?

    So, what if you could only increase your earnings by 50%? Would it still be worth checking out? Of course ! ! !

    Will you permit yourself to explore these technologies? If you are already using some of them, would it make sense to find out more about the 21st century spray truck that can substantially increase your income?

    If making more money is your goal for 2023, would it make sense to go a little out of your way to learn about ways to do that?Of Course ! ! !