I thought you could have a little fun this week by naming this product. All you have to do is guess the name of the active ingredient of the product I am going to describe to you. The first three respondents with the correct answer win. Simple. One restriction. In order to win, you cannot represent a company that sells or manufactures products.

1st Place Winner receives $100. Second Place gets $50 and Third Place wins a $25 Visa Gift Card. Winners will be announced next week.

  1. Increases energy in the plant.
  2. The benefits of using the product can easily last a decade or more.
  3. This product can reduce plant stress.
  4. It can reduce disease activity.
  5. It reduces the size of the stomata on the leaf.
  6. It also increases the thickness of the leaf cutin.
  7. This product should be the cornerstone of all plant health care management systems.

Well, the list of attributes and benefits is much longer than this. But this is what you have to work with.