Ok, maybe that is a debatable question, but I have a point to make here.

Someone asked me, “Can’t you do something?”

For someone like me, that represents a challenge that has to be met. A mountain to be conquered.

The topic happened to be “Toilets for Tree Care Professionals.”

Of course I know what a toilet is. But this had a different twist to it and not something I was anxious to tackle. Still, there seemed to be a significant need. Company’s are losing really good employees over this issue.

Gary here . . .

Yes, we are a Solutions Company, like our name says. We believe that, if there is a way we can make a positive impact on the industry, we should do what we can.

That birthed the portable toilet that we created here at Green Pro, in its various iterations, for the Green Industry.

But just so you know, I am not the only one interested in solving this problem. I have asked Sachin Mohan of Arbor Expo and Edge Ahead Associates fame for permission to share an article from his first edition of the new ArborTIMES.

ArborTIMES is a quarterly digital publication that focuses on the tree care industry with timely articles about topics you care about and information you need to know. To read about this topic, click on the article below.

Curious to delve deeper into Green Pro’s offerings concerning this sensitive issue? Visit our website’s Personal Hygiene Products page for comprehensive information. Should you require further details or wish to make a purchase, don’t hesitate to reach out to Eric Herb at (866) 609-4172 x109.