Hi, it’s Gary.

“I want my old spray truck to perform like my new Green Pro spray truck,” Jamey said over the phone. “The new pump sprays over 60’ high. The pump in the older truck barely gets over 40’ high,” he continued. “I want a new pump.”

“Green Pro didn’t build your other sprayer,” I replied.

This, or various versions of it, I hear frequently.

Sammy Terry was amazed at the performance of her new pick-up truck unit. “I’ve had this same pump on almost every sprayer I have ever used. They never performed like this. I can get 60’ high with this sprayer.”

Jim Dunkerley, a 30+ year ISA veteran and Columbus State University professor teaching IPM, does not impress easily. “Wow. On a scale of 1-10, I give this a 29!”

Want in on a little secret? It’s not the pump.

Let me be more specific. In further conversation with Jamey, he thought the two trucks had different pumps. It turned out that the pumps were identical but the pump’s name had changed in the last two years. He didn’t realize they were the same pump. “How can they be the same pump? They don’t perform anywhere close to the same.”

“It’s the plumbing.” I said. “It’s everything we do between the tank and the pump, and from the pump to the hose reel. That’s what makes Green Pro Sprayers outperform the identical pump from any other competing manufacturer.”


“How can I get my older truck to get that kind of performance?” Jamey is a seasoned pro. He was intrigued.

“I will set up an appointment for you at the shop to get your older truck re-plumbed. You don’t need a different pump.” 

My saying it that way makes it sound pretty simple, but it is really pretty complicated. With decades of experience designing and building spray trucks, skid units, and other types of spray equipment, we have refined all of the components that go into building sprayers so that they outperform our client’s expectations (that would be you), as well as the competition. They may look similar, but they perform much differently.

Can we do this for your current sprayer? Certainly. 

Green Pro Solutions services, repairs and upgrades sprayers made by all of the different companies. We just redesigned and upgraded another company’s brand-new sprayer because it was poorly designed. We improved it’s flexibility, productivity, and the technician’s user experience. Keeping good spray technicians is hard enough these days. Giving them a poor sprayer to work with every day is a sure way to get rid of a quality employee.

Here’s what you need to know. 

Different spray equipment manufactures can quote you the identical specifications, but you will not end up with an identical sprayer. Who builds your sprayer can make a big difference. And not just for one or two years, but for 10, 15, or 20 years. I consistently hear that a Green Pro sprayer increases income by 10-25%.

Think of that for a minute. If your current sprayer is producing $2,000 of income per day and you increase that by just $200 with a new GPS sprayer, that’s another $4000 per month – way more than necessary to make your new sprayer payments. You could end up increasing it by $500 per day. That’s $10,000 per month! WOW.

Let’s see now. $4,000 per month x 8 months per year = $32,000 x 15 years = $480,000.
At $10,000 per month. Well, you can do the math. It’s well over $1 million dollars.
Wouldn’t you want this kind of money in your pocket?

And there are lots of additional bonuses, like presenting your company more favorably to your customers and attracting and retaining a quality spray tech. Maybe getting a good employee would be the biggest bonus!

Now is the time to act. Prices continue to rise and you need to order a truck now to have it ready for spring. Yes, you read that right. Since trucks are in such short supply, you need to order now for spring. Wait unit December and you’ll see it next summer. . . maybe.

We can build you a 21st Century Sprinter (the most advanced PHC system on the market), a P.U.B. sprayer, or a skid unit, right now, so you will be certain to have it in time AND avoid additional increasing prices.

Hey, I’m just a phone call away. My direct line is (717) 579-9274.

Wouldn’t you like a money-making “WOW!” sitting in front of your office?

Taking Action

P.S.  One Green Pro client just ordered 5 trucks – two Sprinters, a larger Titan style chassis, and two chassis for other purposes. I am not blowing smoke at you. The computer chip shortage is real. Even if all of the other components are available (not guaranteed), there are many possible supply disruptions that can derail you getting the equipment you need for next spring. Plus, prices on everything continue to rise. Take action now. Order the equipment you need, whether it’s spray trucks or wood chippers.

Deadline Looming

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Travis Vickerson – Davey Tree Expert Company

Phillip Kelley – Wright Tree Service

Tim Bushnell – Davey Tree Expert Company

Robert Mead – CEO, Mead Tree & Turf Care

Ken Palmer – CEO, ArborMaster Training

Jamie Chambrelli – Director Training Operations Arbormaster Training, CTSP

Jared Abrojena – President Academy Trained, ITCC World Champion

AND Penn State instructors on Plant Health Care

Your Green Pro Team is looking forward to seeing you at the Arbor Expo.