It really is the essence of our company name.

When presented with a problem, we come up with solutions.

In this case, the problem was lack of storage. We designed an awesome Plant Health Care delivery system, capable of addressing every aspect of 21st Century plant health. From disease management, to fixing broken soil, to use of biologicals, to organics, to PGR’s(plant growth regulators), supporting soil biology – well, you name it and this rig was designed to address it.

And what a perfect delivery vehicle. A smaller footprint that is particularly helpful for narrower, congested urban streets – stingy 15mpg fuel consumption, backup camera and other safety features, a smaller turning radius than some cars, plenty of horsepower, and what a pleasure to drive. Should I add “Good Looking?” This truck is sure to please your customers.

Yes, this new spray system had it all, except Storage.

When you have a petite little package, sometimes you have to make sacrifices.

The Green Pro Solutions Design Team does not believe that you should have to make sacrifices. We want to help you slash your diesel fuel cost in half and SACRIFICE NOTHING. SO, we went to work on the storage problem and came up with a revolutionary solution – a Supply Cabinet like no other. It stores everything you need in one convenient, easy to retrieve area. And it is centrally and safely located on curbside. Never walk out into traffic for anything.

I said massive. Here’s what I mean:

  • 5’ deep drawers go almost the entire interior width of the truck.
  • Customizable drawer depths and sizes to meet your needs. Pictured are 16”, 12” and 8”. How many drawers do you want?
  • It is fully extendable. There is nothing hidden that you can’t find. See how far it sticks out the side of the truck?
  • The weight capacity is 600 pounds per drawer, a hefty total of 1800 pounds.
  • 20 Cubic Feet of Storage. Take absolutely everything you need with you every day. Forget nothing.

Feedback at the CTPA trade show was overwhelming:

  • WOW!            
  • Unbelievable!
  • Amazing!
  • You’ve got to be kidding!
  • Crazy
  • How much weight?!?!
  • Never seen anything like it!
  • You designed this?

Yes, we did design it. It was a problem in search of a solution. It was the final missing piece to an exquisite puzzle.

Our goal was to design a great new spray rig. Based on the enthusiastic response from trade show attendees . . . Mission accomplished.

21st Century PHC programs rarely use 500G of liquid a day. Some days less than 200G. With our highly efficient and profitable Njekt Soil Injection Application System, make more than $4000 per day with less than 50G of liquid. 

Coming in at a capacity of 491 gallons, the Sprinter “Mini” may have a smaller footprint, but its capabilities are full size and then some. Does your current sprayer have the ability to carry 100’s of pounds of granular soil amendments to fix broken soil, so that the plants under your care can not only survive, but thrive? Are you addressing soil issues at all? This system can.

The point is this: The Sprinter “Mini” with 144” wheelbase can do it all. Elegantly and Profitably. Of course, the full size 170” Sprinter can do it all too, with a capacity of up to 592 gallons. Even though we do build on many different makes and models of vans, with 6000+ pounds of payload capacity, the Sprinter is the only van that can come close to reaching 500+ gallons of spray volume. An added plus – Sprinters are available. At the moment I can guarantee a Sprinter delivery date on advance orders.

There you have it. The File Cabinet Mystery solved. 

We call it “Innovation by Design™.”

At Green Pro, we are creating a new vision of the Plant Health Care industry. It is more targeted, uses less expensive chemicals, incorporates the most advance practices, products and tools, and is more profitable. It also attracts the best PHC technicians. How would you like the best PHC technicians working for you? Call us at (866) 609-4172. We are happy to explain how your company can be a “technician magnet.”

It takes many different forms, is packaged in many different ways, and accomplishes many different objectives, but at Green Pro, we are all about