Why the crowd at the Green Pro booth?

Yes, a crowd at the end of the Aisle, drawn like a magnet at Arbor Expo ’22. Why?

Some of the crowd just came across it while they were wandering around. It was an accidental discovery, but well worth discovering. They stayed to learn more.

Others had heard. They came with intentionality. They came to verify. Was it really true?

Still others already knew. They had done their research. “The season is almost ready to begin and this is the tool I need,” they said.

Still processing the wonderful event, the great people we met and the talented people from the Arbor Expo organization that hosted over 2200 of us in Springfield, MA. If you missed it, I’m sorry

The crowd had so many questions. “How does it work?” “Can it really inject 10 ounces at one time?” “How do those interchangeable tanks work?” “Can you really use that high of a concentration per injection site?” “Why would I need the 4G tank?”

And they were good questions, meant to sort out the reality of the matter. “Is this thing for real?”

As a matter of fact, it is very real. Like putting money in the bank is for real. Steven Brooks from Maine was there. He came very intentionally to our booth to tell us the reality he experienced the very first day he used the Njekt.

Njekt Soil Injection System

“I was awarded a job that I figured would take 2-1/2 days with a well-known competitor’s soil injector that I owned. Luckily, I found out about the Njekt. I did my due diligence and decided to buy it before doing the 2-1/2 day job. I just thought it was designed to be more productive. Actually, I didn’t realize what I had just done.“

“I completed the job in 6 hours. I saved 70% of the time, got paid for 2-1/2 days of work, paid for the Njekt the first day I used it, and still made a nice profit. It may have been one of the best business buying decisions I ever made.”

Obviously, that’s what the arborists standing around the hands-on, this-is-how-it-works interactive display wanted to know. “How well does it work and how much money can I make with it?” Is there any better, more relevant question then that? The key ingredients of a successful business are customer satisfaction, efficiency, and profitability. Bingo! That’s the Njekt!