Yes, it’s hard to believe that summer is speeding by and the return to fall schedules and activities is almost here. For those of us in the Plant Health Care business, this has special significance. As PHC professionals, it’s our responsibility to prepare the multitude of plants under our care to be ready for whatever stressful conditions may lie ahead. Since Nature herself always works a season ahead, we must take the same approach and start now to ensure our plants remain healthy and beautiful . . . and ready for the following Spring season.

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Actions to take now should be advanced, nutrient available soil testing to determine what nutrients are available for balanced, healthy growth. This type of test includes much more helpful information and is more appropriate for landscapes than standard tests. (Note: Many fertilizers are only N-P-K and are actually more harmful than helpful for numerous reasons.) Knowing the organic content, an included test point in a Prescription Soil Analysis, can help you understand the soil’s profile and its’ ability to support critical biological activity.

This time of year can be an extremely beneficial time to apply the various soil amendments as detailed by the Recommendations provided for each soil or tissue sample submitted to Prescription Soil Analysis. Since plants can only be as healthy as the soil in which they grow, understanding and investing in that soil just makes logical “sense” as well as good “cents.” (Note: It’s been well documented that creating and maintaining healthy soil is much less costly than trying to maintain plants in un-healthy soil using typical chemical programs and products.) 

It’s also hard to believe that almost a year has passed since Nature’s Pro first offered a CASH REWARD to anyone who could provide the name and sample of a single product that could match the multiple benefits and price point of our Bio Tree & Shrub product. We’ve increased this reward several times throughout the year which now stands at $1000.  

Starting with primary, secondary and micro-nutrients (many of which are food/tech-grade and certified for livestock nutritional supplements) multiple items are blended together. We relieve compaction, stimulate root development, support and encourage critical soil biology, improve soil porosity (increases air exchange and enhanced soil solution movement) and reduce the incidence of some common soil disease such as various phytophora organisms.

And, depending on the application method and dilution rate, your product cost per inch of DBH can be as low as $0.75. In addition, Nature’s Pro is offering special shipping arrangements to help you off-set some of your other ever-increasing costs of doing business.


One – Click on the Prescription Soil Analysis logo to discover the many benefits for your business and your customers when you include advanced soil testing as an integral component of your PHC program. If you’re not already a subscriber to this web-based service, you can click on the “Subscribe” form to sign-up for free.

Two – Calculate how much fertilizer you had planned to buy for this fall and we will calculate how much Bio Tree & Shrub All-in-One you really need. By calling or emailing your request now, we can be prepared to better meet your needs and schedule timely deliveries. Do yourself and your customers a huge favor by feeding your plants and their soil with the un-disputed, best product (so far) in the industry.

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