As you probably know, companies keep Green Pro sprayers long enough to put them in their will. We just had a long-time client sell what was a very advanced spray truck for its day. He sold it for 1/3 of what he paid for it. He had owned it for 25 years and made a boatload of money with it, paying for itself 100 times over.
(That is an amazing return on investment!)

So, Sterling Churgin comes back to us for a replacement. Sterling has lots of people working for him, but he wanted his own personal spray rig. He will tell you he is not quite as agile as he was 25 years ago. He has also been around long enough to know exactly what he wanted, which included:

  • Easy access, low to the ground
  • State of the art operation
  • Features like hand wash tanks and sinks
  • World class customer service
  • High productivity & profitability
  • Durability (He had gotten used to this)
  • Quality construction
  • Ease of operation
  • Sound design
  • Intuitive controls
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Superior performance

Gary here . . .

Perhaps Sterling’s wish list sounds like a tall order, but he got all of it – and more. He also got a diesel engine upgrade which is powered from the Sprinter’s fuel tank. It supports the “Durability”, “Quality Construction”, and “High Productivity” goals that he had. Plus, it purrs so nice. Sterling loves it.

As for “World Class Customer Service,” Sterling got a chance to try that out also. He received his new Sprinter in October and managed to use it enough to recover about 25% of his investment doing root feeding before he ended the season. This spring, there were a couple of things he had questions about. He made several calls.  

Yanmar Engine

Ken Baker took his calls directly or returned his calls in less than 30 minutes. Ken always knew the answers and, in less time than it takes to buy a cup of coffee, Sterling was on his way again, making more money. And, of the long list of things Sterling really likes about his new Sprinter, working a normal 8- 5 day and making $4500 is his favorite feature.

“Having a great truck for older employees is vital to their safety and comfort. Investing in a safe, reliable, and high-performing sprayer can have long-lasting benefits for both the employee and the business.”  
– Sterling Churgin, Long Island, NY Why do I share Sterling’s story? 

Why do I share Sterling’s story? 

There are a lot of reasons, but I would like to focus on two.

  1. Our customers are our best sales force. Unlike the talented and knowledgeable team at Green Pro that researches sprayer operation and potential enhancements A LOT, these men and women are out every day doing production, taking care of customers, making a living for themselves and income for their companies. Their assessment of Green Pro equipment is trustworthy and the basis for future GPS improvements.
  2. You can come see one and check it out for yourself at the Big “E” in Springfield, Mass. this coming Thursday and Friday, March 30 & 31. We’ll have other great equipment to look at also. It’s a “Don’t Miss.”