Granted, keeping trees healthy is not necessarily easy. There are lots of challenges, including climatic, environmental, pests, nutrient deficiencies, soil conditions, biological deficiencies, and so forth. Still, we know that trees, depending on their species, can live hundreds of years and grow to hundreds of feet in height, like some of the giant redwoods and sequoias on the west coast.

A simple question today – how are the trees doing that you are responsible for? If you were to ask the tree or shrub, would it say something like this?

“The fertilizer you are using needs more moisture before it will break down and become available for me to use. Please give me water.”

“This fertilizer requires biological activity in the soil so I can get fed. There aren’t enough microbes. I’m Starving!”

“This fertilizer is too high in salts. It’s burning my fine root hairs.”

“To much nitrogen in this tree food. It’s like getting a shot of cocaine. I’m way over stimulated. This is bad.”

If we look carefully at the nutritional needs of trees and shrubs and the ingredients that are in some fertilizers, we would begin to understand the comments that the trees quoted above are making. They are in pain, crying out to be fed correctly.

Do you know how the various types of ingredients in fertilizer products are made available to plants? Was this ever taught in class? Most likely not. I am guessing most people reading this today were never taught how to read the contents of a bag of fertilizer and choose the best product option for the plant.

Nature’s Pro has made this extremely easy for you. Keith has worked very hard for literally decades doing the research, the good the bad and the ugly. We have thrown out the bad and ugly ingredients so that you get left with . . the GOOD!

Now, our focus is the plant and the soil it grows in. (The soil it grows in – already you can see something hugely different with our approach to plant health!) We are really committed to healthy plants. That being said, if taking excellent care of trees and shrubs is too expensive or time consuming, if your company can’t make money, you are not going to use Nature’s Pro products.

So, we made a comprehensive product that is: 1. Great for plants. 2. Very easy to use. 3. You can make great money. What could be wrong with that? We can’t think of anything wrong with that. What are you waiting for? Get on board!

We are proclaiming February as ”Love Your Trees” Month

Like you, we LOVE trees and shrubs and want to provide them the best possible care. Bio-Tree & Shrub, All-in-One supplies the essentials for healthy plant growth and support for critical soil biology. The four critical areas of tree health are:

1. Soil Health 2. Biological   3. Nutritional   4. Disease Defense