Don’t risk another dry season next year. Prepare NOW!

Most everyone who works with plants knows that they are made up of lots of water . . . 75% or more. And that can be a big problem.

We wanted to share some critical, time sensitive information with you. While some areas of the country got enough rain, or in some cases too much, many other areas experienced drought conditions for most of this last growing season.  This has resulted in lots of plants, even large, well established trees, showing signs of stress. Leaves curling, changing color or dropping early; crowns flagging out; trees (and shrubs) turning brown and dying. California estimates that it has lost many millions of trees this past year.

I have gotten numerous calls all with the same question . . . “What can we do to save our customers’ plants?” They usually ask if they should feed the plants in an effort to help them recover. While this might seem logical to most people, it is the worst action one could take . . . even if using our incredible product, Bio-Tree & Shrub All-in-One.

Here’s why: 

So what’s a PHC professional to do?

Simple . . . first make applications of Nature’s Pro Bio-AER, a natural liquid aeration product. This unique product has many benefits, but two are critical to help trees and shrubs recover. The natural, plant-sourced surfactant in Bio-AER will help make water ‘wetter.’ It will penetrate hard compacted soils and be easier for roots to absorb. Not only will more water be absorbed, but reducing the water‘s surface cohesion allows the water to move better laterally within the soil (soil solution). Bio-AER also contains several ingredients that will support and encourage the soil’s biological communities. These are critical to the health of the soil and ultimately the plants by transferring much needed nutrients.

Bio-AER is very concentrated, which makes it very economical. It is best applied as a soil drench throughout the canopy area. Just $1 of product can treat 1000 sq. ft. What else can you do to help a tree not only survive, but to thrive, for only a buck? Take action today to help the plants under your care recover tomorrow.

Second, use a plant growth regulator like Short Stop®. Why? Particularly during drought conditions, a plant needs as much root structure as it can get. A PGR reduces growth above the soil by up to 90% while redirecting all of that extra energy to growing things under the soil – ROOTS! Exactly what you need when water is in short supply. Even though we sell Short Stop® (that’s not a good enough reason for you to buy it), we recommend it over competing products based on the science of the better formulation, and here’s why… 

  1. The active ingredient in Short Stop® is only 2 microns in size. Competing products range in size from 2-10 microns. Obviously the smaller particle size travels more easily through the vascular system.
  2. The “carrier” for the active ingredient is much less sticky and a lot easier to clean up.
  3. As a more advanced product, more testing was done. Consequently more application information is available, particularly for shrubs.

Bio-AER in combination with a PGR is the best prescription for drought stressed trees AND plants to help them recover.

Like Nature herself, you can work a season ahead to prepare your tree and shrubs this season to reduce the impact of droughts next season.

Right now, this Fall, is the time to take action so everything is already in place when next year’s growing season begins (and you are too busy doing everything else!)