NO: 201
Date: 05/22/20

This notice is intended to remind and clarify Honda’s instructions on engine problems related to excessive fuel in the carburetor, fuel mixed in with engine oil, poor engine performance and difficult starting, none of which are covered under Honda’s or Green Pro Solution’s warranty.

Excessive vibration occurs when the spray equipment is traveling. This causes fuel to bypass the carburetor float and make its way into the combustion’s chamber through the intake valve where two different things occur:

  1. Liquid fuel laying on top of the piston, being less viscus than oil, will gradually seep past the piston rings and mix with the gas. This can overfill the crankcase.
  2. Liquid gas that does not drain into the crankcase and remains on top of the piston cannot compress. It also prevents the piston from reaching the point where the spark plug can fire. In a more severe case, the engine essentially “locks up” and will not turnover, a condition called “Hydrolock.” In less severe cases the engine can miss fire, run poorly, and be difficult to start.

Fuel valves(s) on the engine and/or remote gas tank are left open during transportation.

Long term resolution: Make sure the fuel valve is shut off either on the motor itself and/or the remote gas tank if applicable every time the sprayer travels.

Short term resolution: Remove the spark plug. Caution, fuel may discharge from the spark plug opening. Dry and clean spark plug and then attempt to start the motor. Check the oil level in the engine to see if it is over filled, meaning that gas has mixed with the oil. Proceed to change oil according to operations and specifications.

Any questions please refer to user manuals or call (866) 609-4172 x102 for the Operations Manager.