We had a great turn out of visitors and talked to many wonderful people at the ArborExpo last week in Oaks, PA.  

We also had a lot of interest in our 21st Century Sprinter PHC Delivery System that we had on display at our booth as well. We has so much interest there that we were able to sell the unit before the show even ended.  

We are striving to meet the needs of our customers before they even know what they need or want and it looks like we are heading in the right direction! 

We also had a number of people come to us that were interested in starting a PHC business.
We have all the resources and we can show you how easy it is to get started. We have a full range of equipment from small to large, the products, the know how and even the marketing material to convert your existing customer lists into a goldmine of additional revenue.

Congratulations to Riviezzo Tree in Carmel, New York who was the winner of our Jacto backpack drawing that we did at the end of the show!
The Jacto Backpack is ultra comfortable, lightweight and professional-grade to make all your spray jobs easier.