We are all geared up and anxious to see you again at CTPA this Thursday, July 21st. Since it is their 100th Anniversary, it will be a big time for sure. You will see new sprayers at the Green Pro booth, equipment you have never seen before, equipment that will help you do more work with fewer employees – a real bonus in our tight labor market.

But I don’t want you to overlook something that could be even more important than the most advanced and productive equipment on the market – knowledge.

Knowledge unlocks the future, providing possibility where none existed before. Knowledge is power.

Nature's Pro

So, what can you learn by visiting our booth in the outdoor trade show area next to the big tent?

Brought to you by Green Pro Solutions, Nature’s Pro and Prescription Soil Analysis – three different companies that will share business-altering information.

  1. How to make more money in your PHC program.
  2. How the Soil Care Program will reduce chemical use and win you new customers.
  3. Soil testing – comparing the many benefits of nutrient available testing vs. standard testing.
  4. How to increase your PHC Return on Investment.
  5. How to build your business and your company image with Prescription Soil Analysis.
  6. Employee retention and acquisition for PHC – First Principles.
  7. Increase your profit by focusing on efficiency.
  8. Giving your customer’s trees and shrubs what they long for.
  9. Differences between ShortStop and Cambistat – you will be amazed.
  10. Fixing the soil can fix your trees – The Basics.
  11. For less than $2 a day, our no brainer monthly marketing solution will have your entire customer list calling you, ordering additional services!

Well, this is a sampling. You bring us your questions and we will do our best to provide you real world, proven solutions. Solutions – that’s what we do.

We are easy to find next to the big tent. While you are visiting our booth, pick up a bottle of life-sustaining nutrient – water. We will be there for you!

Expo Team