You know about our commitment to provide you equipment, products and services that will better serve your customers, help you grow your company, and enable you to better provide for your employees, yourself, and your family.

Perhaps it’s a tall order, but that is what we feel called to do. And, based on the feedback we receive, our clients feel we are pretty successful in meeting those goals.

So, we are very excited to bring new spray equipment to the Connecticut Tree Protection Association’s 100th Anniversary Summer Meeting, Educational Event and Trade Show on July 21st. I guarantee. You have not seen these PHC systems before.

hile you are at it, come test drive the Njekt, the most productive and profitable soil injection system on the market. Use it at the show. Yes, you can make $500+ per hour. 

Feel what it’s like to provide quality PHC service for your customer and complete more work in a single day than you ever thought possible. Did I say “make much more money” in a single day than you thought possible? And you can do it with a pickup truck or SUV. Don’t believe me? Come and see.

“We rarely use our spray truck during IPM season because our Njekt System is so much more productive. You can easily double your production.”    

Chris Swanson, Peerless Tree Service LLC

“We don’t use the spray truck for IPM anymore.”   

Shawn Riley

Need big time spray production and can’t find a truck? No problem. We have a solution.

Even a heavy-duty pick-up can tow this 750-gallon bad boy. The Titan Trailer brings it all to the table. Up to 75’ high trees, two hose reels (You’ve gotta see the one reel to believe it) and a no-nonsense, last forever diesel engine. There is an awesome amount of storage, four (4) tanks . . . . Really, experiencing the Titan Trailer is worth the price of admission.

Titan Trailer
Titan Trailer

We will be bringing other surprises also. Visit our booth next to the big outdoor tent. If for no other reason, come for the food! We’ll see you there.