We are busy putting the final touches on all the special equipment we are bringing to the Connecticut Tree Protection Association Trade Show. CTPA is 100 years old this year and it is certain to be an even more special event than usual.

Why should you come?

First, there is an unlimited amount of scrumptious food all day long. Literally – food all day long. But on a more serious note, there is CEU training, informational booths about the most current PHC topics, vendor booths and a big outdoor pool if you want to bring the whole family.

But my favorite part is the outdoor display and demo area. You can actually see some of the equipment in action. Besides, that’s where we are, right next to the big tent. There may even be a beer dispensary close by. You will be able to see the latest and greatest.

Which brings me back to the large Green Pro equipment display. You will be able to see a bunch of equipment. It will take your breath away. (We will have oxygen standing by for those who are overcome with excitement! 😊)

We have been very busy in the design lab, dreaming up what you need to put your company into overdrive. In reality, you are our lab. We are constantly out in the field with our many clients finding out how we can build the most effective and efficient equipment possible. And I can’t wait for you to see what we are bringing to CTPA. It will blow your mind. 

Sprinter Cabinet

What comes to mind when you look at the huge filing cabinet pictured above. Gary has lost his mind?  OR  Spray equipment?  Well, you’ll have to come to CTPA and see for yourself. It could be both – Gary has lost his mind AND the filing cabinet has something to do with sprayers. Seeing is believing, but you must be present to become informed.

Another first for this year’s CTPA event is what you buy when you can’t buy a truck. How about 750G, two hose reels, a boatload of storage, spraying 75’ high trees, and you can tow it behind almost any truck you already own. And the best features I’m saving to show you when you visit our demo area. It’s kind of hard to explain and you might not believe it anyway, so come and see. Then you will believe (HINT: It’s many 10’s of thousands of dollars less expensive than buying a truck!)

Titan Trailer
Titan Trailer

Our whole team will be there, anxious to see you again. We’re always happy to answer questions and help you find the answers to the vexing problems that haunt you from day to day. Remember, “Solutions” is who we are, and have been for 4 decades. You can count on us. And come enjoy the food.