You know you will find us at the TCI Expo in Charlotte, Booth #2867.  It is always great to see you at TCIA. But if you really want to put a new spray truck into service earlier for 2023 instead of later, you may not want to wait that long.

These new 21st Century Sprinters are being gobbled up faster than a Cracker Barrel breakfast on a crisp autumn morning. If you don’t want to hear, “I’m sorry, but someone just bought the last one. We are all out,” then you better get your tush to where the action is.

Where is the action? The Big Apple. New York. But not in New York City (too dangerous). We are holding a one day only special showing of our newest Sprinter at two locations outside of the city. They are easily in reach of any and all forms of transportation. Just north of the city in West Nyack off the Tappen Zee Bridge and just east on Long Island in beautiful Garden City. If that isn’t enough, you will get a sneak peak of our newest innovation, long before the TCI goers… 


Smooth running, 3 cylinders, amazing torque, and it sips fuel right from the Sprinter’s fuel tank. End forever fouled spark plugs, lousy gas, gas cans, the smell of gas, and all of those maintenance cycles on gas engines that you are supposed to do that tend to be forgotten. And, being under 25HP, it meets all of the latest government specs without needing DEF. Plus, being water cooled, this Yanmar runs a lot cooler than a gas engine. This engine will last until you retire.

You will love it!

Best of all, you can see it before anyone else. And what’s the value of spending a little money on an inspection trip. That’s better than being shut out of getting what you need to service your customers and grow your business next year? You can be in and out the same day.

You can pull the trigger on the spray gun yourself (which you won’t be able to do at TCI). And watch the power behind the 75’ high spray pattern.

As I said, even though we reserve these special, heavy duty 4500 series Sprinters way in advance, we are almost sold out of the early Spring allotment. Certainly, you don’t have to come see it to believe it But you will be convinced if you take a little time and make a small investment.

Don’t take the chance of being disappointed. We could easily be sold out before TCI Expo. Here’s where you can find me…

Thursday, October 13th, at these two locations:

10:30 AM – Palisades Center Mall
1000 Palisades Center Drive
Nyack, NY 10994
At the west end parking lot on Palisades Center Drive
(End where BJ’s Wholesale is located)

2:00 PM – Roosevelt Field Mall
630 Old Country Road
Garden City, NY 11530
In the area of the Tesla Supercharger – North Ring Road


If you pull the trigger and buy one of these marvels of modern engineering, I’ll knock $1000 off the price. Correct. Come to the Demo, buy the most productive PHC system on the planet, and save $1000. Easy. Good business.

Don’t mess around. Make the arrangements. It will definitely be worth your time and money to experience the newest 21st Century Sprinter for yourself.

I look forward to seeing you in New York.