We upgrade our telephones every couple of years to take advantage of technological improvements. We upgrade our televisions to get more brilliant colors and sharper images. Maybe you are one that upgrades your car or pickup truck every few years.

Other than making a good impression to the public with your new vehicle, an argument can be made that none of these investments will add $1 to your bank account.

But investing in innovation increases the balance of your bank account.

Everyone in the Green Pro organization is constantly making recommendations – analyzing everything we build for potential improvements – building better.

For instance, a shorter wheelbase 4500 Sprinter became available that a client wanted to acquire. The big problem was lack of storage. SO, our Team came up with what may be the world’s largest file cabinet.

  • Three Drawers, 600# per Drawer.
  • 5’ Deep with Full Extension Slides.
  • Sub-dividable to keep supplies organized.
  • Everything will fit, including 5G pails and 2.5G jugs.

Total Capacity – 1800# and over 30 cubic feet.

Filing Cabinet

How about this problem:

You need a larger spray rig, you can’t find a chassis to buy, and you’d rather find a less expensive solution than a brand-new truck and spray rig. 

First of all, it’s important for you to know that we build lots of new spray equipment on pre-owned chassis and pick-up trucks.

Another option is to buy the sprayer, but not the truck. After all, you have trucks.

How about this beauty?

  • Over 750G of spray capacity includes (2) 56G IPM tanks.
  • 36gpm, 700 psi Udor pump hits up to 75’ trees.
  • Yanmar, 19.5HP diesel engine will last for almost ever.
  • (2) hose reels, one of which can be used from either side.

Massive amount of storage, tows with 2500HD pickup.

Save a boat load of money without sacrificing productivity or performance!

This sprayer is fascinating:

Most of you would not know that we also work in the Ag space. In particular, building and upfitting equipment that helps growers covert to organic farming.

  • This PTO driven sprayer fits on the back of most tractors.
  • 92GPM pump sprays up to 70’ wide with 4 nozzles.
  • A tank of up to 1000G can be towed behind.

Truly amazing productivity and simplicity of operation.

Even though the entire Team contributes ideas, one individual has to make certain they are implemented. Ken Baker is the man. Ken has a ton of experience and expertise in a wide range of mechanical and electric disciplines, the perfect person to bring all of the various components together into one exquisite and productive package. When you want something built right, or upgraded, or repaired, Ken is the man to call at (866) 609-4172 x102.

Just know that we are ready and able to help you with the Solutions you need.

Ken Baker
Ken Baker