I recently purchased a freezer that operates for an entire year for $34. Just $34. I find that amazing. 

Now it is true that I have to manually defrost the freezer once a year, maybe twice. But I see that as a good thing. I should go through all of the stuff that gets buried in my freezer a couple times a year anyway, to find the treasures I forgot I had purchased and throw the expired items away. It only takes an hour to defrost a freezer.

But isn’t that amazing. Just $34 to buy the electricity that keeps my food frozen for an entire year. That’s just 9 cents per day.

Gary here . . .

Given the advancements in energy efficiency in things like appliances, the saving from buying a new appliance can pay itself back in just a few years.

But efficiency comes in many forms. Consider that time saving device in your hand, your cell phone. It is almost impossible to calculate how many hours of time (which is also money) are saved every week versus the way life happened 50 years ago.

People are much more conscious of fuel saving cars today. If you don’t want to go long distances or haul anything, consider the electric car. The average 30mpg electric car driving the average 1124 miles per month uses an average of $60 worth of electricity versus $129 of gasoline. But it will cost you a year’s worth of college when you go to replace those car batteries when they die.

How about your business?

What kind of miles per gallon are you getting on your vehicles, in particular, your plant health care vehicles? Are you using two smaller vehicles that could be replaced by one efficient vehicle? Put a calculator to that question and you’ll get enough money to put your kids through college. 

Because the answer to that question is also about the cost of the extra person that you no longer need or can’t find to hire anyway. If you have extra spray trucks sitting around, paying extra insurance, inspections, maintenance, etc., the answer may be getting a new spray truck and retiring the old one(s) instead of hiring another spray tech. 

Or if you need a new spray tech, wouldn’t it be easier to hire one if they knew they would be driving a new spray truck. Actually, that’s how you hire them. At the point in the interview process when you decide you want to offer them a job, you walk them out to the parking lot, put them in the seat of the new spray truck and have them take it for a drive with you in the passenger seat. (You may also decide you don’t want to hire them after this portion of the interview.) They are impressed. You just got yourself a new employee. Plus, they think you run a really terrific company if you have a new spray truck. 

Hey. This is just common sense. If you were looking for a job, you would be looking at these kinds of things during your job interview.

Making money is about increasing efficiency. Really, in this day and age, it’s hard to make money the old-fashioned way. Your company has to become more efficient just to survive let alone thrive. And that’s not just about spray trucks.

  • Pay more money to a better spray tech that makes you more money.
  • Buy more efficient products that make you more money.
  • Use more efficient processes, like bark sprays or soil injections instead of foliar sprays. Using these two options will double your income by cutting your application costs by more than half.
  • Yes, buy more efficient spray equipment that can take full advantage of the first three bullet points.
  • Make certain you can fill a spray truck in less than 10 minutes. Wasted time is wasted money. We can tell you how to make this upgrade.
  • Save thousands of dollars per year on bathroom breaks. No kidding. Our new Sprinters come with real removable toilet seats, just like in your house except for the specially designed, single use, EPA & OSHA approved throw away bag. When finished, stow the seat out of sight and out of the way.

Regarding guzzling versus sipping, we sell spray trucks that get 15mpg, not 5. And that goes for everything else I have mentioned here. Inefficient equipment, products and processes literally suck money out of your bank account. And the best part is, we can help you with all three areas, increasing your productivity and your bottom line.

Green Pro Solutions and its sister companies have been helping businesses just like yours make more money for over 40 years. We know the answers to your questions, because we have been there and done that.

Our bench runs deep with a number of grey haired and not much hair types, on our staff. How many companies that build spray trucks have a degreed horticulturist on staff? Green Pro does.

We know what you go through every day. We know it can be grueling, the daily grind of just getting through the day. You need someone on your side that not only knows what you are going through, but has real world solutions to make your days and weeks less daunting.

Go with the Pros, Green Pros. We will not just help you make more money; we will help you get more enjoyment out of doing what you do.