Have your team members ever

  • Used too much growth regulator and ended up with leaves the size of mouse ears?
  • Or used the wrong product and killed a tree, or perhaps the turf?

Gary here . . .

That is NOT what I am writing about today. But maybe it is…

How about this list of issues:

  • Opened / Closed the wrong valve on the spray rig and caused an environmental disaster when the hose split or popped off?
  • Cross-contaminated product that ended up killing something?
  • A spike in back-pressure split a diaphragm in the pump and oil is mixing with the spray solution, eliminating the “blue” from “Blue Atlas Cedar.”
  • Your spray technician got Covid and is out sick but you desperately need to keep your sprayer running because two weeks of rain put you way behind. But you don’t have anyone else trained.
  • Your spray technician quit yesterday. Who will run the sprayer today?
  • You need to fix the broken pump diaphragm, pronto, but don’t have a mechanic available.

Does any of this sound familiar? Is there a solution for these types of problems?

There is now.

And the solution is right at your fingertips. It’s your cell phone.

You know about QR codes, right? It’s that box of many black and white squares that forms almost an infinite number of patterns that your phone can access photos or really useful information. Like Operating Instructions . . .

So, what if you pointed your cell phone at some component on your sprayer and

  • You were reminded (or learned) how to position the valves to get the sprayer to do what you want it to do.
  • Learned how to clean out the filter.
  • How to trace down the source of the cavitation.
  • Why the pressure regulator isn’t working correctly.
  • How to rebuild the pump, including all of the torque specifications.

This would be a game changer.

You have to admit that training is a huge issue, kind of like that splinter that broke off in your finger and you can’t get it out. The pain just won’t go away. And just when you think you have the right people in the right place – they’re gone.


But it’s a lot more than infuriating. It costs you big $$$. However, when you need a solution, Green Pro Solutions has just that, a Solution.

And we would love to show you “How It Works.” Where? Arbor Expo, of Course.

Arbor Expo is the big kick-off event of the year for arborists, with all kinds of accredited training courses, a big trade show, and outdoor live demos. Yep, you can run the equipment yourself – try before you buy.

It’s really the place to be March 30 and 31 at the Big E in Springfield, MA. You can register right HERE.

Come learn all about Green Pro’s QR codes. See how this cutting-edge technology can address some of the biggest headaches you have in your business. And Save You Big $$$.

You’ll also see some awesome spray equipment. PLUS. See a new secret recruiting weapon that addresses an unspoken need in the industry. (And also saves you big $$$). You will be blown away when you visit Green Pro Booth #403 !