Getting behind loses clients and costs you money. And it doesn’t really matter why it happened. Not enough employees, inefficient equipment, bad weather or even that you sold too much work or are turning business away. It all costs you money now and business opportunities for the future. In other words, it costs you money for years to come.

This is definitely no way to grow your business. But you can fix this problem.

The Ultimate Njekt System.

#1 in soil injection productivity, the Ultimate Njekt System will double or triple the speed with which you complete your summer targeted treatment programs. That will catch you up quickly. It is more efficient than foliar sprays because it doesn’t waste gallons of extra of product. Trunk sprays are also really fast and profitable. The beauty of the Ultimate Njekt System is that you get both the world’s #1 Jacto backpack sprayer and the best soil injector, all in one package. And it is extremely affordable!

Njekt Soil Injection System

Many companies, like Peerless in Connecticut, hardly use their regular spray trucks during IPM season. The Njekt is twice as fast and helps them make a lot more money in a lot less time. Not only that, they can sell more business and still get it all done on time, before the window of control expires. That is how to keep customers happy.

It is important to know that there are many different diseases you can control with soil injections and bark sprays and many different products that will work with the Njekt. You may not be aware of them, but they are available and they work great.  

You can accomplish all of the services listed below and more with the Njekt Soil Injection System:

  • Fungicides
  • Insecticides
  • Growth Regulators
  • Fertilizer products

Fertilizer products

“I have used a competing soil injector for years.  It was slow and inflexible to use.  The Njekt is much better built, ready to take on really hard soils.  With the 4G backpack and injecting up to 10 oz. per site, I can complete work 3-4 times faster, which is also 3-4 times more profitable.  Really, I used it for the first time yesterday and it totally paid for itself the first day. A large job that I estimated at 2-1/2 days with my other injector took me 6 hours with the Njekt. Unbelievably productive!
The interchangeable 1G containers are a dream.  Not only am I impressed, my clients are impressed with the quality as well.  
I love my Njekt!”

Steven Brook, Arborists Association of Maine

Of course, you can always go to and get more information and watch testimonials like this one: 

Perhaps even more remarkable is the tremendous value that we designed into the Njekt. Where do you buy a piece of equipment that makes $1000’s of dollars per day and pays for itself the first day? Right. I don’t know of any either.

Start making money and get your schedule back on track next Monday. It’s simple. Make the call right now to (866) 609-4172 x109. Your new Ultimate Njekt will be on its way tomorrow. What a bargain!

Making Money Through the Season