Spray Equipment Options and Upgrades

Standard Features
Udor Diaphragm Pumps
Hannay Reels
Heavy Duty, 1.7 Specific Gravity Tanks with UV Inhibitors
Pump Saver or Line Strainer, oversized
Stainless Steel Manifolds with Brass Ball Valves (systems over 300psi)
Suction Relief Valve (multi-tank systems)
Pressure Relief Valve (multi-tank systems)
Pop-off Valve
Kuriyama High Pressure Spray Hose
High Pressure Hydraulic Hose Fittings (systems over 300psi)
Heavy Duty, Clear, Suction & Feed Hoses
Sizes ranging from 100 Gallons to 1000 Gallons (under CDL requirements)
Hatz Diesel Engine
Yanmar 3-Cylinder Diesel Engine
Vanguard Engine

Additional Features for Titans I & II
Totally Enclosed Body, Including Roof
Low Profile – Under 10 feet in height with 19.5″ tires enables total operation from ground level
Dover Premium Roll-up Doors (small slat)
Auto-Fill™ Air Gap System – All Filling & Mixing Without Leaving the Ground
Secure™ Vandalism-Proof Unit
Loads of Storage

Additional Features for Sprinter
Additional Hose Reel
Remote Rewind
80-Gallon Tank
High Velocity Fan
The Closet

Options & Upgrades for Spray Equipment
Njekt Soil Injection System
Aluminum Ramp
Compost Tea Brewing and/or Application Units
Root Excavation Units
Chassis of Your Choice, Including Pre-Owned
Numerous Body Options
Numerous Tank Configurations
Numerous Application Designs including any and/or combination for Lawn, Tree & Compost Tea Stream/Lake Fill Systems
Spraying Heights in Excess of 100 feet
Pallet Storage
Towing Packages
Safety Options including Strobe Lights and Back-Up Cameras