PHC Sprinter Style Sprayer Systems

Why are arborists flocking to the new 21st Century Sprinter?

There are a host of reasons. Because the Sprinter incorporates all of the latest technology, it can do as many or more applications per day than the largest sprayers, but with a much smaller initial investment and lower operating cost. (Think 20 mpg!) Plus, it is more maneuverable, drives almost like a car, has great marketing potential and has more storage than you can imagine.

  • 400G Application/Nurse tank and (2) 56G mix/application tanks.
  • All operations are on curbside, including fill.
  • Njekt Soil Injection Systems can be installed to increase the efficiency, flexibility and profitability.
  • The 35 gpm Udor diaphragm pump is driven by a 22 hp Honda engine with 17 amp charging system.
  • Electrical Systems are easy to use, easy to trouble shoot, and do not connect to the truckís charging system.
  • Additional great features are: easy to learn and use controls; and elements like the sink, storage and hand wash area.

Arboristís 21st Century Sprinter Specifications Model Year 2021

Sprinter Spray System - Base Unit
Capacity: 512G
Chassis: Sprinter 4500, High Roof
Gross Vehicle Weight : 12,125 lbs.
Payload: 6200 lbs.
Reels, GPS Custom Design: (1) 1/2", 400' length
Tanks: (2) 56G Full Drain Application/Mix Tank, 400G Nurse/Application Tank
Pumps: Kappa 120 - 35gpm and 700psi 22HP Honda - 17A provides all electricity 12G gas tank for Honda Engine Electric Transfer - 45gpm
Gun: Many options to choose from (not included)
Dual Applications: No

Additional Features Of Optimized Arboristís Sprinter Includes:

  1. Vapor-Proof Divider - separates driver area from spray compartment
  2. Line-Xģ Lining available for Walls, Ceiling, Floor, Bulkhead, and Doors
  3. Power Roof Vent
  4. Njekt System (Not Included - Additional Fee)
  5. 12V Electrical Outlet
  6. Hand Wash Tank and Sink
  7. Small Item Shelf
  8. Large Item Shelf
  9. Interior Lighting Package
  10. Strobe Lights - Front and Rear
  11. Air Blow Out System
  12. Fork Plumbing Fittings for easy maintenance and winterization
  13. Tank Drains - All Tanks
  14. Hose Reel Quick Connects - easily exchange spray guns
  15. Custom Fold-out Hose Reel Roller System
  16. Air Gap Fill System
  17. Backpack Fill and Equipment Wash System

For more information, consult the Operations Manual provided with the truck and view our YouTube videos. Green Pro Solutions also welcomes your phone calls regarding operation, trouble shooting, or to provide tips and tricks or maximizing the capabilities designed into these spray systems.

Also note that this Sprinter and all Green Pro equipment is designed by your fellow industry spray technicians.

We encourage your feedback on how we can improve the operation and user experience for you, the ultimate authority on Green Pro sprayer performance.

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