Interchangeable Loading Systems

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Up to 2,500 lbs Payload

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Up to 15,000 lbs Payload

Q. Why Do You Need a Detachable Body System?

A. You can save Time & Money.

The Switch-N-Go and AmeriDeck Systems provide the greatest amount of productivity and flexibility for the least amount of cost.

Example: There has been a lot of rain and you are running behind on both some large tree removals and some spraying.

7:00 AM – Deliver chipper box to 1st job and drop it on the street.

7:30 AM – Pick up sprayer box and begin morning appointments.

Noon – Drop sprayer box at next appointment (perhaps the 7th of the day).

12:30 PM – Pick up chipper box from first job and dump/move to next job.

1:30 PM – Pick-up sprayer box and continue afternoon appointments.

4:00 PM – Return sprayer box to shop.

4:30 PM - Pick up filled chipper box. Dump and return to shop.

Because you are putting the chipper box on the street, you can also deliver stump grinders, small skidders, skid loaders, etc. You will find many additional uses once you have the system, saving many thousands of dollars per year. There are many body styles from which to choose.

Q. Why Switch-N-Go?

A. Because it is the least expensive and has the largest payload per weight capacity. It’s also a dump truck.

Because of the Switch-N-Go’s lighter weight, your truck will have more payload capacity. It also costs significantly less than hook-style systems. Buying a Switch-N-Go or AmeriDeck system also means you are buying a dump truck.