SNG Triple Play Sprayer


Multi-Season / Multi-Function / Interchangeable with Many Other Truck Bodies

Liquid De-Icing in the winter. Vegetation Management during the summer. Fertilize and treat trees and shrubs for disease the rest of the year. Premium stainless-steel construction with top of the line components. Multiple nozzle selection and gun options to meet your needs with spray patterns up to 50 high.

  • 650G main tank and 56G custom mix tank
  • Udor 20gpm diaphragm pump sprays 50
  • (4) Delavan 7gpm pumps handle de-icing and roadside vegetation management
  • Spray tech cage for spraying while moving
  • Full warning light package
  • Indestructible stainless-steel body can be interchanged for other bodies, making the truck useful year round
  • Excellent storage and easy access
  • Turrets have 3 different spray options
  • Many additional options available

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